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  1. Hi! My boards are exactly 2 weeks from today, and today is my last day with my Rosh Review subscription. Looking for something cheap- please message me if you can help! Thanks :))
  2. OHpa11

    Need some good vibes

    Hey all! I took the PANCE last Thursday for the third time, and thinking will maybe get the results soon. I failed the first two times, but definitely felt the best this time both pre and post test. Any prayers/good vibes are appreciated. I know everyone on here knows the struggle!
  3. Has anyone used this book/CD for studying? I really like their setup and everything, but I find that I am struggling HARD on the questions they have on the CD. I usually do pretty decent on questions banks, like LANGE, Kaplan, etc. but these I am having such a hard time! Anyone else?
  4. OHpa11

    Looking for Kaplan HELP

    Hey, just wondering if anyone is selling their Kaplan question bank. Please DM me if so, thanks!
  5. OHpa11

    PANCE/PANRE/EOR Study Guides

    nevermind i see them now! thanks for posting
  6. OHpa11

    I passed my PANRE

    Congrats!! I've been using SMARTYPANCE to study for the PANCE. I've really enjoyed it and found it helpful, glad to see someone else has used it and been successful!
  7. OHpa11

    advice on studying pharm

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on youtube videos, online resources, etc. for studying pharm. Thanks!
  8. OHpa11

    Could use some help...

    AssistantDoctor, I am near the Cleveland area. Where abouts are you?
  9. OHpa11

    Could use some help...

    Thanks everyone for the advice
  10. OHpa11

    Could use some help...

    Thanks for the replies. My PACKRAT score in school was not great, I was not surprised that I did not pass the first time. This second time around I spent a lot of time focusing on practice tests/questions because I did not really do that before. I used Kaplan QBank, a Kaplan test prep book with 2 full practice tests, a trial of ExamMaster 300 total questions, the 2 NCCPA practice tests, and then practice PACKRATS. I feel like by the end of it I was scoring in a decent range. My Kaplan tests I would do I was scoring high 60s low 70s. I also have the PANCE PEARLS book and the booklet from the Certified Medical Educators Review Course. I did much better across the board, but obviously still came up short.
  11. OHpa11

    Could use some help...

    So today I found out I failed the PANCE for the second time. I'm feeling so defeated. I am not sure at this point if I am going to take it again, but I do know I need to find a job until then. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what kind of jobs to look for. After I failed the first time, I did apply to a bunch of jobs like "patient representative" or "clinical tech" just to keep up with patient care. I never got an interview for any of the jobs I've applied for, wondered if it was because my resume shows me as overqualified for these positions. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys
  12. OHpa11


    Wow congrats!! Kudos to you for pushing through. I just got my results this morning and found out I failed for the 2nd time. I honestly don't know what to do. Similarly, my financial situation is hurting. I think I may want to try and take it one more time, but definitely need to find a job until I reach that point. Any suggestions??
  13. OHpa11

    Question about ExamMaster

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to get some opinions on Exam Master. My test is in a couple weeks and I have gone through all of my materials and was looking for just some fresh questions to go through before my exam. I've heard good things about exam master, and was going to get the 300 question pack. Thoughts?
  14. OHpa11

    Getting ready for second PANCE try...

    Thanks for the advice AssistantDoctor! Congrats on passing
  15. Hey everyone, New to joining the forum. I'm getting ready to take my second attempt at the PANCE in about 3 weeks. I was feeling ok about it, but now not so sure. I have 8 of the packrats and have done 6- scores have ranged from 127-149. I have done all the Kaplan and PA Easy questions through completely once, and have been doing 60 question sets of the Kaplan questions (all topics) since. I have a Kaplan prep book that has 2 full practice tests that I am going to do. I am getting nervous because I feel like my scores are right on the cusp of passing, but failing as well. I feel like if I took the test I would either pass or fail by a few points either way. I know there's no predicting the actual test and how you feel on test day. I guess I'm just looking for any advice/encouragement at this point. Feeling like I should maybe cancel my test date and plan to reschedule. Any thoughts are appreciated! Thanks!

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