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  1. Hey yall, new PA grad here who has student loans through FASFA and has interest rates through the roof! With refinancing with Earnest I was able to drop my interest rate of my student loans from 7.60% to 4.42% and was able to receive a bonus $200. Anyone wanting to save a bit of extra money per month and get a $200 credit, pm me if you are interested. I will most likely need your name and email for the referral bonus or you can copy and paste https://www.earnest.com/invite/nicholas6503 or just enter "nicholas6503" in the refer a friend box on the Earnest website. I have had no complaints so fa
  2. Thank you for the reply! That's exactly what I needed to hear. I'll definutely do some fine tuning and rework some of the paragraphs.
  3. Hey everyone, so this is my 2nd time applying and was hoping anyone could give me some insight or critique my personal statement. I woud greatly appreciate it! edit - just was accepted off of a waitlist :)
  4. So a little background on myself, I have worked as an orthopedic tech in a large orthopedic office for the past 2 years and am considering having 3 of my letters of rec coming from people that I work with. A physician, PA, and my immediate boss who is a PT all are willing to write me a letter. I am wondering would schools frown upon me having all of the letters being from the same medical office? These people know me way better than any person that I have shadowed.. if anyone could give me any insight on this I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
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