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  1. dang we all got so excited thinking today was the day. Hope it happens so we don't have to wait out the whole weekend.
  2. When i interviewed on Saturday, the current students mentioned that they heard the following week, their year. During the end of the interview the admissions director said 2-3 wks. Then the email we got thanking us for coming to the interview said 2 weeks. So I'd say odds are pretty good that on Friday before end of day some people will get acceptances and the 2 wk mention in the email will apply for waitlist and rejections being within that time frame.
  3. I'm local from Chesapeake VA, will be interviewing on the 13th!!! Good luck to everyone coming that weekend. I applied last year ,did not get an interview... and a year later I got an interview in the first group, shows you really can improve your application and make it.
  4. hi, anybody know if the interview is blinded? Do the people interviewing in the various rooms have our applications in front of them?
  5. i called yesterday and the person I talked to said their last interview day is the middle to the end of this month and then we should hear. Good luck to you!
  6. i'm on the active list, anybody who was placed on it get accepted yet?
  7. Do you guys learn on real cadavers/ could you describe the simulators if you use those? Just a general idea of how the learning is laid out? Thanks for the feedback.
  8. Hi, thanks for making this post. :) I have an interview at Wingate next month. I have been to Charlotte NC many time and was wondering if you can describe what its like to live in Wingate? Also was wondering how is the curriculum structured? Do you guys go from system to system throughout the first year? Random question but I was curious if there is any opportunity for international rotations/ are there international volunteering opportunities that wingate participates in? I'm really interested in traveling.
  9. @GDNPA hey it's a really relaxed interview. Everyone is super nice. There is a group interview with students and then two one on one individual interviews with faculty and alumni. For me personally nobody asked any trick questions in the interview. They were pretty generic getting to know you kind of questions.
  10. Hi @sana1027, I'm also interviewing on the 28th. Everything nearby is pretty expensive but morning traffic in the city is going to suck as well so I would recommend something within walking distance if you can afford to.
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