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  1. From my research it seems like Highland Park is the most affordable area within close proximity to the campus. Overall, however, rent in central NJ is not cheap. Besides craigslist and the other obvious apartment finder websites this has been pretty useful in gauging a price range: https://www.places4students.com/Places/School?SchoolID=25pIyw3hW6k%3d
  2. Checking in! I'll be looking for a roommate to live off-campus if anyone is interested.
  3. For what its worth, when I interviewed (second group) they stated that only two candidates had been accepted. Rutgers also interviews all the way up to December, so there's plenty of time!
  4. I received my acceptance call this morning after my interview yesterday!
  5. I received an interview invite for September. If anyone else wants to meet up the day before for coffee/lunch let me know!
  6. Interesting to see interview invites being sent out this early. Based on last year's forum they didn't send out invites until late August.
  7. Also interviewing on August 25th! Based on the program's website I think this will be the first interview group.
  8. Verified: 6/01 Supplemental Invite: 6/27 Did anyone else get a broken link to create account for the supplemental?
  9. Not my intention, however I may have written a piece of information that revealed my identity and I'd rather maintain my anonymity (others I work with use this forum). My apologies, I can revert it back slightly edited.
  10. Can anyone else comment if they received the supplemental application immediately after payment?
  11. They open their application September 1st.
  12. I submitted on June 8th and will be interviewing early in July. Good luck to all!
  13. http://www.physicianassistantforum.com/index.php?/topic/43079-north-greenville-2017-application-title/
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