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  1. Hi guys! I’m back! So we are still working on the Facebook page and trying to get it all cute and stuff buttttt if you have been accepted, you can email your acceptance letter and photo ID to jaleesa_watkins@yahoo.com and we can further take the steps to add you to the group so you can interact with your future classmates! The Facebook group was sooooo helpful for all of us while we were waiting to start. We will also have some of my class members on the group to answer questions and hopeful set up a live Q&A session weeks before your start date! Acceptances should be our next week sometim
  2. Hi guys! I’m Jaleesa from Western U’s class of 2020! I know you all are excited about interviews and acceptances! It’s nerve racking to wait until mid-March for that letter but your patience will pay off. We are currently SUPER busy with all sorts of tests and assignments but we are setting up a Facebook page for your class and I will send you the info for that soon. We will need a picture of your acceptance letter and an photo ID sent to the email that I will provide later! Until then, sit back and enjoy this peace you have because PA schooo is going to be the fun but crazy ride!
  3. I was in the same situation as you! Became a pharmacy technician because I wanted to be a pharmacist but changed my mind due to me wanting to be more hands-on. I did a lot of research and there actually is a couple of schools that accept pharmacy technician as patient care hours. I forgot which ones though. So I became a Home Health Aide and got my hours there!
  4. I'm so excited and can't wait to meet everyone. I'll have to make a Facebook just for this purpose!
  5. Verify transcripts how and is the picture just a passport like picture?
  6. I called shortly after that day and GREs are not required until next cycle!
  7. I'm confused! Does Red Rocks want GRE scores starting this cycle?
  8. Ok I'm just wondering because I received the "application complete" email on 3/2. I just wonder is 4/29 the last interview date.
  9. Elissas when did you complete your application?
  10. To everyone offered the 4/29 interview date, when did you get the "application being reviewed email"?
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