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  1. pabca94

    CASPA 2018-2019 Cycle

    has anyone from the 11/1 interview heard anything? I know they said it could be a couple weeks but since people have started hearing about waitlists/rejections I was wondering if that had changed
  2. pabca94

    CASPA 2018-2019 Cycle

    Congrats! Do you mind sharing when you interviewed?
  3. for those accepted, do you guys mind sharing when you have to confirm this and pay the deposit?
  4. Could anyone who has interviewed explain how the group interview went? As in how many people are in the group and how they arrange who talks/when? Thank you!
  5. I interviewed Tuesday morning and haven't either. Praying no news is good news so far?? Trying not to panic and stay hopeful ?
  6. Did anyone send thank you letters? I know it's polite to do that, but since it was MMI I don't know who to send it to and am unable to find any contact information for anyone online
  7. I have my interview coming up in a few weeks. Would anybody be willing to give some insight on what theirs was like? Like many of you, this is my first MMI and I'm not sure what to expect
  8. pabca94

    Interview Prep

    I have 4 interviews... two are individual, one is individual & group, and the last is MMI. Kind of why I'm freaking out, they're all so different that I'm not sure how to best prepare
  9. pabca94

    Interview Prep

    Hi everyone, I am preparing for interviews and was wondering what resources everyone had used for theirs. I've heard about the Andrew Rodican book and am wondering if it is worth the $30, or if I should just research the programs and practice with the general questions you can find online. Does anyone have any suggestions? I want to be prepared for any/all types of questions (personal, ethical, behavioral) so I just wondered if anyone had anything of value that they had been using to prep. Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone! I will be coming from out of state in a few weeks and am having trouble with accommodations. Nova sent me a list of hotels and said that the Holiday Inn in the area provided a free shuttle to/from both the airport and Nova, but I called and they said this was untrue. Does anyone familiar with the area have suggestions for the easiest way to get around? I liked that idea because I prefer not to take ubers/taxis if I don't have to (just don't trust them much these days) but it looks like I might not be able to get around it. Thanks so much!
  11. Not yet. Based on previous threads, I think we should be hearing back by the end of next week. Fingers crossed!
  12. pabca94

    CASPA 2018-2019 Cycle

    Received an invite to interview this afternoon. Verified 7/5. I'll be coming from Indiana, excited to meet everyone!
  13. pabca94

    Too late?

    Hey everyone, I am feeling very anxious. I submitted my application at the beginning of July to 7 programs. I have only received one interview invite so far. I am kind of panicking that I should have done more now. Is it way too late at this point and a waste of money to apply to several more schools? I am just getting worried that my chances are pretty slim.
  14. pabca94

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    I just said a simple yes. Seems like a lot of us are being put on the interview waitlist.
  15. pabca94

    Interview Outfits

    Thanks for your input! Maybe I'll go with that jacket and gray or black pants to be somewhere in the middle, haha.

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