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  1. Anyone know how many people they plan on interviewing?
  2. Applied/Verified/Supplemental received 6/2. Im really impressed with Rutgers commitment to diversity! Hoping for the best. cGPA:3.5 sGPA:3.54 ~800 PCE hours 300 Volunteer hours
  3. Will those who have been invited to interview mind sharing their stats? Here’s mine cGPA3.50 sGPA 3.54 GRE 150 Quant 153 Verb 4.0 Writing and about 800 PCE hours with 250 community service hours.
  4. Just sent in my app. 5/27. I have a pretty good gpa with minimal PCE. Hoping for the best!
  5. Hi, just wondering if there was anyway to cancel the professional transcript entry after already paying for it. I’ve figured the turn around time is not worth it.
  6. Firstly do I have to send transcripts from both schools I attended undergrad? I attended my first school for 2 years then my second for 2.5. Secondly my Microbiology course offered at my first undergraduate institution was 5 hour class that included both the lab and lecture (both had its own syllabus) but it does not list them separately on my transcript and when I transferred to my second undergraduate school it was converted to the 4 hour Microbiology course that they offered. Will this be a problem for schools that request Micro with lab?Thanks!
  7. Bumping since I updated quite a bit of information!
  8. Hey guys I just have a quick question and I’d love to hear you alls answers. I recently graduated and my official grades were just released. I really wanted to finish with a 3.5 but ended up finishing with a 3.494 (Tough luck right). My question is will admissions staff look at a 3.49 and 3.5 the same or does that .01 make a difference? Thanks for your answers!
  9. Hi so I currently work as a Home Health Aid but I know this is considered low tier PCE by many schools. I’ve recently been offered a position as a dialysis PCT and Rehab Aid. Which would be considered more desirable to admissions officers?
  10. Yes most do! The only one that’s iffy about it is University of Florida. They will only accept half of your hours as a Home Aid. I know that HHA is looked at as low quality PCE so that’s why I have been applying like crazy to PCT/ PT Aide jobs.
  11. Hey everyone, I am a recent college graduate (December 2018) and I have been interested in PA for about 3 years now and with my recent graduation I’m sure you all can relate to the panick of the uncertainty of my life that I just stepped into . I’ve mostly been curious about my competitiveness for this upcoming cycle (2019-2020). Here are my stats Overall GPA:3.494 sGPA: 3.54 Last 60 hours: 3.65 Side Note: I initially had a 2.8 GPA freshmen year and worked my tail off to get where I am now. After I transferred to a new school beginning Junior year I made 24 A’s to 7 B’s with no C’s or D’s. I know schools take into account upward trends and if that isn’t one then I don’t know what is! HCE/PCE:By time of application will have have about 750 hours with 300 being a Home Health Aid and 450 as a PT Aide. For schools who do not have rolling admissions I will wait until about late July to apply so that would bring me to around 1000 hours LOR: Gastrointestinal Oncology PA, DPT who is my supervisor at work, Chemistry Proffesor Shadowing: 100 hours shadowing Oncology PA, Family Practice NP; Oncology MD GRE: Verbal: 153 Quant: 150 Volunteer Hours: Over 500hours through my fraternity,NAACP, and my own efforts. Mostly registering people to vote, educating minors on sexual health, March of Dimes, and various other projects me and my fraternity brothers could think of. I believe this will be the strongest part of my application. I have a ton of other experiences of volunteer/community service I could speak of but that would take hours to type out My personal statement will more than likely focus on my experience with the many different types of clients I have dealt with as a HHA. Going into someone’s home is a direct view into their life and lifestyle and the differences and experiences between each is so unique it’s jaw dropping. I’ve had some crazy experiences to say the least I appreciate any feedback. Thank you all! *Added some updates so I decided to bump!
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