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  1. Received an interview for Aug 27/28 but will be declining as I will be attending South University - Richmond campus! I hope this helps someone else out
  2. Received an interview invite for Aug 8 but will be declining. Hope this helps someone else’s!
  3. Anyone know how many people they plan on interviewing?
  4. Applied/Verified/Supplemental received 6/2. Im really impressed with Rutgers commitment to diversity! Hoping for the best. cGPA:3.5 sGPA:3.54 ~800 PCE hours 300 Volunteer hours
  5. Will those who have been invited to interview mind sharing their stats? Here’s mine cGPA3.50 sGPA 3.54 GRE 150 Quant 153 Verb 4.0 Writing and about 800 PCE hours with 250 community service hours.
  6. Just sent in my app. 5/27. I have a pretty good gpa with minimal PCE. Hoping for the best!
  7. Hi, just wondering if there was anyway to cancel the professional transcript entry after already paying for it. I’ve figured the turn around time is not worth it.
  8. Firstly do I have to send transcripts from both schools I attended undergrad? I attended my first school for 2 years then my second for 2.5. Secondly my Microbiology course offered at my first undergraduate institution was 5 hour class that included both the lab and lecture (both had its own syllabus) but it does not list them separately on my transcript and when I transferred to my second undergraduate school it was converted to the 4 hour Microbiology course that they offered. Will this be a problem for schools that request Micro with lab?Thanks!
  9. Bumping since I updated quite a bit of information!
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