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    Post-Op plans

    Hello all, does anyone have a book textbook or resource to refer to when developing post-op plan. I am working as a PA fellow in orthopedic clinic and I am finding it hard to develop concrete, evidence based plans for patients returning to clinic 2 weeks out , 4 weeks out, etc. any suggestions would greatly be appreciate. Thank you. - Humble PA fellow
  2. Day-shifts I have residents and an attending on site to help me navigate my clinical reasoning but occasionally they are hard to reach when in surgery. Night-shift & 24-hours I have residents at are on-call but difficult to reach on occasion depending at what time I call them. Cases Usually discussed in the morning at sign-out, that is when the grilling and learning usually happens. I suppose my concern is my lack of experience and depth of responsibility. I was hoping to have some more supervised learning before I was left to fend for myself and am just wondering if that is fine at this stage of my training or is it a recipe for disaster.
  3. Greeting all, I am a newly minted PA-C that is 2 months in an orthopedic trauma fellowship. I have since had buyers remorse given the level of difficulty of the program and lack of supervision from my higher ups. I have been thrusted into doing trauma and ED consults from minor issues to severe poly-traumas. My training month consisted of me being paired with a senior fellow but unfortunately my entire month was quiet and i barely got to do much. Now, its gotten real and the advice of my seniors is to just roll with the punches and learn as you go. This is obviously very frightening given all the procedures, exams, images, reductions, and conditions I am exposed to. Now, I have been told to just watch youtube videos to learn what to do and to give it time but this doesn't seem entirely safe or fair to me given that I am here to learn and practice quality medicine with each of patients. Now, I am on the verge of cutting my losses and leaving the fellowship with the intention of looking for employment with more supervision and better hours. I am curious to hear what people think of my logic and perspective of leaving a fellowship for said reasons. Thank you.
  4. I am on the waitlist from feb 11th interview. Anyone here know how they select their alternative list?
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