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  1. I got a phone call at 10:34 AM!! I have been dreaming of this phone call for 3 years!! I'm so excited to meet everyone!! ?
  2. I applied to the St. Pete campus in June. Has anyone heard anything about interviews for this campus or received any more information about their application status?
  3. I'm driving down from Indiana on the 5th and I am interviewing on the 6th! ? this is my first time interviewing here and I'm excited to meet everyone! I applied here last cycle, and this is my third cycle applying for programs.
  4. I have tried several times to meet with the student affairs officer Julia, but there is always some reason she won't meet with me. Last cycle I wanted to go to a regrets counseling session they held, but I had to go to Mississippi for an interview at another program. Overall GPA: 3.49 Prerequisite GPA: 3.62. Over 5,000 hours as an EMT. GRE: Verbal - 152 Quant - 149 Writing - 4.0. 180 hours of shadowing with PAs in multiple specialties. I don't really have much volunteer experience, but I have worked full time since high school which didn't leave much time.
  5. I got an email today saying that I won't be offered an interview at the Lexington campus. This is my 3rd year applying for PA programs, with UK being the original one I wanted to get into. I applied to the Morehead campus my first two cycles. My first cycle I interviewed and was waitlisted. My second cycle I interviewed and was rejected. I thought maybe since Lexington has more seats, and my degree isnt from Morehead, that I should try Lexington. Now I don't know what happened. I have had the worst week already and this is just the cherry on top. I hope everyone has better luck than me!! It wouldn't take much at this point. ?
  6. I did not do the optional forms. I emailed Meghan Kirwan asking if they had everything they needed from me and she said they did! Those forms weren't optional last application cycle when they didn't use CASPA.
  7. I got my letter! I was placed on the wait list. Unfortunately this is the 4th wait list I've been placed on this cycle. The letter said final seating will be determined no later than July 7th. If anyone has a spare seat, let me know! Lol
  8. Does anyone know if they send letters for rejections and wait list placement as well? Also, for those who have already received a letter, do you live near Louisville? I live in Kentucky but I haven't gotten a letter yet.
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