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  1. I'm surprised that this would be allowed. I graduated May 2020 - there was a lot of concern surrounding what to do about our last few rotations due to the full shutdowns at that time. My understanding from my program was that ARC-Pa requires the school to follow the # of hours/expectations set in your program's program manual at the time of the program's accreditation. My school was able to accommodate us with virtual rotations for our last couple due to how the requirements were written out "competencies" rather than specific hours. However, we still had the same 4 week rotations as usual - i
  2. I know this is a bit late reply....but just saw your post as I had some downtime to peruse the forum. I graduated from UWL program in 2020 - it is buy your own equipment, however they do have a rep come in during the first semester and has all of the supplies available at a discounted price. Personally, I did receive a stethoscope as a xmas gift before school, and purchased my otoscope/ophthalmoscope kit on ebay prior to starting. The price they offered through the rep was quite good though, so it may be worth the peace of mind to wait to purchase through them, as then you would also get
  3. I finished about 30% of the Rosh questions (including all the EOR boost exams. I did all in tutor mode and read the thorough explanation, even for ones I had correct. I got 85% correct in Rosh, with analysis of 92% chance of passing PANCE with predicted score of 585. I also read the full PPP book during clinical year and then the newest version (2 volumes) prior to taking the PANCE. I averaged 1-2 S.D.s above average on EORs and got a 651 on PANCE which I took 05/2020.
  4. Not sure about the statistics of it, but Rosh has really been helping me with my EORs. I have been getting in the 80%s on the Rosh exams (general surgery and ER so far), and have passed my EORs above the national mean (+1.5 and +2 S.D). I did 'cheat' on some questions while taking Rosh: if I knew I did not know the answer - I used it as a study opportunity to delve into the topic prior to guessing and using the brief tutorial about the answer. Therefore, my Rosh score was likely falsely elevated from what I knew going into it. I've also been using the PAEA topic lists to guide my
  5. Thanks for the advice everyone! I did end up buying a lightly used set (only used for PA school and for less than half the price of new), and everything seems to be in working order. I will look into seeing if it's possible to transfer the warrantee =-)
  6. I have noticed quite a few panoptic sets for sale online that have only been used for school purposes. I'll be starting school this year and current students recommend the panoptic set; they said a rep will come to the school to offer student discounts, including a warrantee that covers anything while we're still in school. I was wondering what other's experiences have been with buying used (and saving a couple or more hundred dollars) or new and having to use the warrantee. What are opinions on if it is it worth the risk to buy used and not have the warrantee?
  7. BS in clinical lab science: diagnostic genetics
  8. Hi Lauren, I applied this past cycle and was having the same question as you are. I am now 25, after going through recovery from age 20-21. I decided to include my experience in my essay, but to not put too much focus on it. I gave a synopsis of the severity of it and the struggles that I went through and then went on to focus on how it helped me to grow as a person, made me decide I wanted to work in patient care, and helped me recognize the importance of empathy in healthcare. I had quite a few people read through my essay-professors, coworkers, and friends of my family who were involve
  9. I got an acceptance call as well! I'm so unbelievably excited! =)
  10. I just sent in my declination, so hopefully someone else will hear good news soon!
  11. I believe they said committee meeting is the 6th. Notifications 'second week of November'...I've been speculating about whether that means next week or the week after (second week, or second full week...) the anticipation is going strong right now, since this is my absolute top choice school!
  12. At my work place, educational leave is offered for PA school and it is encouraged to tell your supervisor ASAP if you will be taking educational leave so they can make coverage arrangements. Since I received an acceptance mid-September, I told my supervisor right away with an approximate timeline of when classes would start (June) as well as how much time I would take off beforehand for moving. Ever since, she has been acting with a lot of animosity towards me and refuses to work with me for the simplest of things. (I recently injured my hand at work, and she is refusing to make any accommodat
  13. To be honest, I don't remember. For all my interviews I sent hand written thank yous, but i know that I forgot for one of the schools and can't recall if it was EMU or the one I interviewed at the Friday before the EMU one.
  14. Just received a call from Karin offering me a spot in the class! She said an official email will come through Monday. Although I am very excited, I need to compare the program with another one I've been accepted to before making a final decision. Good luck to all those waiting to hear back!
  15. For those who interviewed last week, could you give some insight about how the interview day goes? According to the schedule, my first and second interviews are 2 hours apart. Do they have information sessions during the down time?
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