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  1. Hi!! I am currently part of the enrichment program!! Add me on FB if you would like and I can answer questions you may have! Not sure how to share my profile hope this works: https://www.facebook.com/arelycavazos
  2. Hello! I submitted mine mid Aug. still waiting for an interview. Seems like they are only doing them on Fridays. To those of you that already had interview, do you know how many applicants were there more or less?
  3. Good luck on your interviews tomorrow!! Let us know how it goes!
  4. @ErikaIrene and @aaaaaa, when did you all submit your application?
  5. Have you submitted your supplemental application for UTRGV graduate college?
  6. Hello to everyone!! I submitted CASPA 8/10/2018. I received an email from the program stating that the first review of the file had been completed on 8/13/18.
  7. Hi!! I am glad you have started a program already!! Good luck! Do you mind sharing if you had already received a "Rejection email" from Texas Tech?
  8. Has anybody received an email about acceptance or waitlist?
  9. Keep your head up and seek feedback. Did you get an interview?
  10. I was told appications were still being reviewed. Hopefully that means interview invites are pending.
  11. Congrats!!! To both of you! Would you mind sharing some of your experiences with us?
  12. Hi! Congrats!! Best of luck! Do you mind sharing some of your experiences? Thanks.
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