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  1. Looks like about 22-23 have been filled according to the amount of ppl on the Facebook group. Could be more (ppl without social media).
  2. There is a Facebook group. They send invites to students following acceptances.
  3. OMG both my wife and I just got accept not even 30 minutes after interviewing today. We are in such shock, I thought it was a joke but it’s such a blessing!
  4. Got an invitation for the secondary app but with the hefty $105 fee and an acceptance someone else idk if I want to do it. This cycle has costed me so much money [emoji24]
  5. I’ve interviewed at UC Davis, Charles Drew, and Northeastern. I’ve received one acceptance and waitlisted at another
  6. I'm interviewing there on November 17th. I've interviewed at 3 other schools so far.
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