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  1. Ugh, you're right. Idk what to do with my life. I'm super scared to ruin my GPA and take chemistry courses tbh. Oh well, I just went out on a limb and saw that this was a good career, lol. Thanks for your honesty, I might just have to think about this longer, I have an advising appt tomorrow, wish me luck! Have a good day!
  2. Hi fellow eagle! Thanks for the help. That's awesome that you're in the PA program at EMU, congrats! I've seen that it is super competitive. The cost matters a lot regarding salary after being a professional, because starting salary isn't too high for psychologists, so I wanna be able to pay the debt off and live, lol. Tbh, about the pre-reqs, I'm really scared with chem. I don't like chemistry and I struggled very badly in freaking fundamentals of chemistry, I got a C, and had to retake it. As I look at the courses and curriculum for PA's there's nothing to direct with chem other than pharmacology? (Still pretty biology based) It's sad but I'm looking for programs that don't have this requirement due to my menial math skills as well, but there's close to none.
  3. Thank you for the advice and insight. I believe that to be a PA would be a better fit since it's 2 years, not 5-6 years long for a clinical psychologist. Also salary after graduation makes a difference in paying off that debt from school. You mentioned you were accepted, how do you like the program?
  4. Hi all! I need some help. I'm in my last year of undergrad finishing my bachelors with a psychology with applied behavior analysis major, human sexuality minor, and women and gender studies minor. I have a heavy social science background as you can see. I recently realized that I would like to change my career option and become a PA. I'm very limited though, it's my last semester and I only have 16 credits left which is just what I could use to complete pre-req's at the University of Detroit Mercy for their program which are: Nutrition Medical Ethics Microbiology Physiology Developmental Psychology Statistics I have developmental psychology down and statistics, so all I would need is 12 credits to complete these pre-reqs. I could honestly take these classes this summer, but some of them are online. I also have to take the GRE, but my GPA is a 3.85 and I do see it going up to a 3.9 at the end of this semester. I am also in the process of looking for direct care hours at a hospital. My questions are: 1. Even without a hard science background would I still stand a chance? 2. I am a Michigan resident and this school is only about 20 minutes away which is great for me, but I am only applying to this program since others have a lot more pre-reqs and I don't have time, should I just let this idea go or just try? 3. Would taking classes online be seen as bad? (Such as physio, microbiology, and medical ethics) 3. Help?!?!?! I need some insight, please be honest with me. The reason for the sudden career change is the fact that while being a mental health provider was my ultimate goal, I also need to make a living to live a comfortable life. School for psychology is expensive, long, and very research oriented. I think being a PA is pretty similar to my goal and would be very rewarding as well. Thanks for your time, I appreciate any help at all. If you're currently in the program I would love to hear from your application process and degree experience. Please do email me at mtran4@emich.edu.
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