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  1. From what I heard from the current students and faculty, most students seem to choose to live there for the convenience. It costs a little more, but then you’re within walking distance and close by to study with classmates if you want. I will not be choosing to stay there since I have a fiancé and dogs with me.
  2. At some point in the near future, you should be able to discuss financial aide with Michael. He will help you plan what you need to take and how to do it. Do that after you have signed and submitted your acceptance. I would assume they will schedule that with you, but you could always call. To get the ball rolling, you can start on your FAFSA.
  3. Good luck to whomever may get my seat. I have withdrawn my acceptance for a school I can better afford. I have high hopes for South and wish you all the best.
  4. My best guess is this late in the cycle you will be fighting an uphill battle. If you feel your application is strong enough, you can still try. Strangely enough, I applied late to upstate (days before the deadline) in a previous cycle with a relatively competitive application and still received an interview (the very last interview), but I was rejected. While my interview skills weren’t great at that point being my first interview, there weren’t many seats open at that point. This time around I applied in August and was part of the very first interview date and was accepted. You can take that however you want, but I would say skip it unless you feel very confident in your application or you have the money to spend.
  5. I look forward to meeting you in June! I also received a call on Friday.
  6. Upstate has blind MMI. They review your application after they have interviewed you and evaluated your responses. So, a clean slate.
  7. I believe so. An email should have been sent to all accepted students on who to contact to join.
  8. No enrollment instructions yet, but I did receive an email today for starting the financial aid process.
  9. Purely a coincidence. I was invited for an interview in a previous application cycle and it was on a Wednesday I received the email.
  10. When I first arrived, I liked the campus. Parking is easily accessible. Amenities are close by. The building is nice with plenty of new learning tools. There is a cadaver lab available. The faculty that I spoke to were down to earth and seemed to receive my questions well regarding the program. I was overall the most comfortable in the interview at south compared to every other interview I've been to. The students were all happy to be students there as the 1st cohort. I did not find anything not to like besides the accreditation issue of the university which seems to be nothing to worry about.
  11. My email with the link to the supplemental came on 7/19/17. I submitted it a week later on the 26th. This is before they even start the application review process though.
  12. It's hard to say what kind of response you can give on the essay since we don't see each other's work and you don't see what they are accepting. The best I can tell you is to answer completely. You get one full page, so use it to the best of your ability. I doubt anyone is judging the length or format of your work. Just be organized in your thoughts and answer the question. Paragraphs are just separations of complete thoughts, so it's based on how many parts there are to the question you are given. Also, don't let the group interview or anything worry you. It's relatively casual. I lucked out and had my one on one before anything else, but I felt pretty comfortable most of the day. I've had interviews where they would purposefully try to make you uncomfortable or stressed out to see how you react (even though it's a completely false judge of character) and it was nothing like that at South.
  13. I believe they have updated the accounts. I was able to schedule my interview for October 12.
  14. I also received an email for an interview. I can only assume our accounts weren't updated correctly on the website because I also can't schedule.
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