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  1. congrats that is exciting! ugh fingers crossed...not knowing where you are on the waitlist is killing me, I just wish they would give us some sort of idea regarding our chances of getting off the waitlist!
  2. Does the class continue to remain full at this point? Has anyone who has been/is waitlisted hear any good news?!
  3. Congrats on getting accepted! For those who are waitlisted..please keep us updated if you get off the waitlist or have anymore insight into the process of St. Scholastica's waitlist.
  4. I am also waitlisted again...same as last year. It's a little frustrating that they do not provide how many people are waitlisted and/or what your rank is. Does anyone know their reasoning for this? We are owed an explanation given the time and money spent on the application process
  5. From what I read on the threads from last year, they had a group activity, followed by a writing assignment, and then 2 (1:2) interviews and then lunch and a tour of the new medical building. I wonder if they will be switching up the format of the interview days this year or if it will be similar to the previous years.
  6. Has anyone else heard anything from the program of getting off the wait-list?! I wish we knew how long the wait-list was because at this point I feel like I'm just giving myself false hope.
  7. I was wait-listed as well. It seems like everyone got wait-listed at St. Scholastica. I have not heard anything from the school about getting off of the wait-list. Has anyone else? I am also wondering if there might be some movement after they get accredited. Fingers crossed!
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