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  1. Welcome to class 8! Congrats!! Come join our Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/505778226943246/
  2. Congrats to everyone who will be getting calls today. I made a facebook group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/505778226943246/ If the link doesn't work its called MEDEX Tacoma Class 8
  3. I’m in as well! I’ll make the Facebook page stay tuned!
  4. Just got here. I’m in a burgundy sweatshirt and jeans. I claimed a long high table immediately to the left as you walk in
  5. Yes. Generally those invites go out the week after the first round interviews.
  6. I also didn't get anything other than the automatically generated email so I called this AM to check and they said they had it. Lets set the meet up for 7pm on 10/25 at 7 Seas (2101 Jefferson Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402). I will try to get there a little earlier to claim a table and put up some sort of UW something and see if I can get some current students/recent graduates to come chat with folks.
  7. Tacoma folks come jump over to our thread to plan a meet up ahead of time! Looking forward to meeting you all!
  8. Last year we met up at 7 seas, it worked well since its a large space and doesn't require reservations. I would vote for that again. Harmon would require reservations. I'm local to Tacoma so I'm happy to go wherever. I interviewed at Tacoma last year. Hoping this year goes better! And yes, its a group panel interview, you will be interviewed 3 times in groups of 3. There are 2 interviewers at each panel. Each panel in theory has a theme but all 3 of mine were just get to know you/ask questions about your application. Some people did get asked "what would you do in this situation" type questions. You probably get about 15-20 mins of "air time" per panel. They want to make sure you're not monopolizing the time, that you interact with your panel members etc.
  9. Did you get the email that you have met the requirements and went to full faculty review? Once you get that one you won’t get anything else unless you get an interview
  10. Just starting the thread for potential meet up on the 25th before the Tacoma interview. Looking forward to meeting everyone. I’m a second time applicant/interviewer hoping for a better outcome this time!
  11. Only the two you listed. And generally only the first one.
  12. Generally there are 2 per campus band then a final all campus one in Jan in Seattle to fill any holes.
  13. From previous years all the emails go out at once. It looks like they’re on track with last year so Tacoma should send their first round emails in 2 weeks or so with Spokane and Anchorage following
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