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  1. Hey everyone, I am a new graduate and I have been working for an Ortho and Spine group in southern CA for 6 months. I started taking phone call about 3 months after my start date without additional compensation. I currently do phone call every 3rd weekend. My job is now discussing that I take hospital call as well, but they only pay if the PA gets called in for trauma surgery. The PA does not get compensated for being on call and not getting called in. The PA does not get paid for rotating on patient's during the week or on weekends. If a patient is in the hospital during the week, then
  2. Thank you for your reply! What do you think of the salary for an Ortho new grad in Cali? I know I can make more and save more of my money if I move to other states, but I want to be in Cali.
  3. Yes, your job does sound similar. This is the main part of the bonus structure from my contract. The actual length of this description in my contract is about 4 paragraphs long. Employee will become eligible for the payment of bonus compensation after Employee’s Monthly Qualifying Receipts for three (3) consecutive calendar months exceed Twenty Four Thousand Dollars ($24,000). The amount of Monthly Qualifying Receipts which exceed Twenty Four Thousand Dollars ($24,000) in any given month is referred to as “Monthly Bonus Eligible Receipts.” If the Monthly Bonus Eligible Receipts are T
  4. Hi everyone, I am a new graduate, and I just received an Ortho PA job offer in coastal California. I will start training (same salary) as soon as I finish my boards, while I am waiting for my licenses to process. The job is M-F from 8-5. OR 1-2 days/week, but not when I initially start. Call time was not mentioned in the contract, but it's about once/month (no additional pay) What's offered: - Base Salary: 100k - At-will contract; If I stay less than a year, then I have to repay the licenses, relocation bonus, CME. etc. back to the employer. - Health insurance, vision, and
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