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  1. To be honest, I am fearful of CNA work, though it is certainly the quickest route into paid, quality HCE. What do you, collective forum, think of taking an extra year of schooling to go the medical assistant route or LPN route prior to PA school? I think I would enjoy working those jobs significantly more, though I'd probably not be able to attend PA school until fall of 2020 (versus 2018 or 2019 as a CNA). Has anyone done MA or LPN and have thoughts on the professions? I am 27 y.o. right now and feeling a bit of pressure regarding time, but want to enjoy myself, as well!
  2. oooooh thanks for saying that -- undergrad GPA was a 3.4, not 3.3 -- will edit above. Still not stellar, but with my 2 years of FT schooling since that bachelor's my total should end up ~ 3.5x with a 3.9x for all prerequisite courses. These replies are making me nervous about applying this year - perhaps I should wait until the following cycle. Other opinions still welcome and appreciated!
  3. runridePA, TY for sharing your experience -- it helps me put my next year (or potentially two) into perspective. Hoping you hear good outcomes from one of the two outstanding schools soon.
  4. I appreciate your replies! Miles, I looked specifically at schools that state no HCE or only recommend it, but your post makes me think I've missed something. Are there schools that are generally more well-known (to those more in-the-loop than myself) to accept low HCE applicants? I'm open to schools anywhere in the country -- I am just so ready to get started & move forward! Han, I will definitely make my case for proper understanding of the profession, as well as attempt to get as many hours of shadowing/hands on experience as possible by the time I apply. When you all mention applying early in the cycle, do you mean you'd recommend finishing applications completely by April/May when CASPA opens? I am afraid I'd be pretty screwed in that case, since I won't have built up any more hours by that time... Also, I noticed that Florida counts scribing, though I was thinking of e-mailing the others to see what they think. CNA is a possibility; I'm just nervous since it would be significantly more wearing job. I'm sure it would be better prep though...
  5. Hello, all! Original Bachelor's from a top 10 university in Economics/Theatre -- GPA: 3.4 Then spent several years as an actor & decided I needed to do something more tangible, so age at time of application this round will be 27/28. Currently finishing second year of science pre-reqs (Bio, Chem, Orgo, Cell Bio, Organic Chem, Biochem, A&P, Microbio, Genetics) -- GPA: 3.97 (A's in everything except a lab or two) GRE Verbal: 169 (99%) GRE Quant: 162 (82%) AW: 4.5 (82%) Here comes the problem... HC-related experience: 1800 hours as radiology department admin for a hospital Volunteer: Patient Transport/other - 100 hours Paid, Hands-on Patient care experience: currently 0 hours, but planning to gain FT employment as either a CNA or scribe beginning in June/July. I would estimate that I would accrue ~500 hours by September, the application deadline of many schools. Shadowing: I am having trouble finding a PA to shadow in CNY, but plan to do so ASAP. Considering the following schools: U. Colorado, Baylor COM, UNTHSC-Fort Worth, UT-Southwestern, Idaho State, University of Florida, Yale (dual MPH!), Midwestern University in AZ, & University of Boston I'd appreciate any general advice and am specifically interested in knowing about any programs that may prefer high academic achievement and overlook low HCE. Will high GRE help offset this low HCE? TY in advance!
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