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  1. I don't know, but I hope so!! I interviewed October 24th...
  2. I interviewed on October 24th, and I have yet to hear back, but hopefully we will soon!! Crossing my fingers...
  3. When you greet your interviewers, give them your best smile and a firm handshake. Ik this is hard to do when you're nervous (me lol), but just be yourself and don't say all these fancy words thinking you'll impress them. Speak simply, but concisely, and just make sure you know your reasons for becoming a PA. It's a very relaxed interview, although I was still a bit nervous myself. What helped me is that I gave myself a little pep talk before going in, but do whatever works for you to calm your nerves. I'm sure you'll have an awesome interview... :)
  4. I emailed both Mrs. Mealer and Ms. Davila last week as well, and this morning Mrs. Mealer replied back saying that they should have admissions decisions made by the end of the semester. I checked the academic calendar, and the end of the semester is December 14th, although she did say "by" not "at", so I'm guessing later this month or early December? Idk, but I'm hoping later this month (trying to be optimistic here lol).
  5. I did this past Tuesday. Born and raised in the Valley :)
  6. From the program website: "all students and applicants must complete the entire professional curriculum in residence at the University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley."
  7. Ohhh ok thanks for the info!! I have my interview on the 24th, so I wanted to get an idea of when we might know. :)
  8. For those who interviewed already, did they tell you when to expect an admissions decision?
  9. Last year, we had to be on campus by 7:45am, and all interviews were held in one week in January. We were interviewed by 2 faculty members, and at the end of all interviews on each day, we had a group assignment. This time around, interviews are earlier, and on the email invite it said we would only be on campus for the interview at our scheduled time, so that's one difference. Other than that, idk what else may or may not change...
  10. Earlier this morning, I got an email saying that I was invited to interview on October 24th. Good luck guys!! :)
  11. Not yet. The deadline is tomorrow, so if anything, we'll hear back after it passes. They won't start reviewing applications until after the deadline cuz they're not participating in rolling admissions as of yet.
  12. Ohhh ok I see what you mean because I saw that too, so I emailed them for more clarification. I also don't know about this year, but they said to check our emails frequently because they will be conducting interviews throughout the year.
  13. Really? I emailed them and they said they would have early interviews this cycle but weren't following the rolling admissions process...
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