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  1. ^^^^agreed. & this intro to healthcare course??? Interesting how they accept MA licensure to waive but won’t accept a previous letter from employer from other states about how they don’t need MA licensure to be an MA. Also have my BS in Pathobiology ??
  2. I found an old 2014 mdc PA packet that said under anatomy and physiology 50 questions: abdomen, thorax, and skeletal. Does anyone know if this is still what we should be focusing on?
  3. I went to see Jackie in early Nov. She said we won’t hear anything until January at the earliest.
  4. Does everyone take the entrance exam or do they pick people they're interested in to take the exams?
  5. Did anyone not hear anything back yet? I haven't received a rejection or interview
  6. I have to write my own recommendation for my supervisor. I'm having a little difficulty making it not sound like I wrote it. I want it to be pretty much flawless before he reviews it, so he can send it in ASAP. Can I PM anyone for critique?
  7. Anyone I can PM with my personal statement for critique?
  8. PM'ed you! - 2nd time applicant, low cgpa (2.96), 310 gre, published first author on abstract, 3000 hce, 150 hours shadowing, a lot of volunteer hours (animal shelter, literacy project, cancer center, etc)
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