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  1. I have not gotten anything about acme training, where did you see that? I know I have already started my lab work which I recommend to everyone that is planning on going to Tech because I was not immune to Hep B (because you can grow out of it) and I'm having to do the three rounds of shots again! Other than that, I haven't heard anything else from the program either!
  2. Just got my acceptance to the program!! I've never been so excited about anything in my life!! Y'all hang in there :)
  3. I'm an 'S' too and haven't heard but I really don't think that's why! The last time I called they made it seem like anyone who hasn't heard might be on a 'waitlist' that will be contacted as they hear no's from those that have been accepted. She didn't seem 100% sure though so I don't know! That's just the last thing I heard!
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