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  1. Guys! Hopefully you still check this forum! I have an interview this Friday in Winchester. Any advice? Is it group interview, or one on one? Also I fly in Thursday evening and was thinking of stopping in Leesburg on my way to Winchester to check out the campus, but am not sure what I would actually do... hope to hear from some of you!
  2. I hope some of you still check this forum! I am interviewing this Friday! Any advice? Is it group interviews? One on one? Are you loving the school? Also, I fly in on Thursday at 5 and was hoping to stop by the Leesburg campus on my way to Winchester. I assume most tours and such will be closed by then. Anything I should check out in my spare time? Hope to hear from some of you!
  3. Love that you are giving back! I am not a normal pre pa. I have shadowing hours and volunteer hours, but zero paid hce. I have a family and can't take the pay cut to become a cna or similar. Therefore I'm only applying to schools that don't require hours, which makes my letter different. Let me know what you think! Thanks! With the cliché “I want to help people” words in my mouth, and dollar signs in my eyes at 18 years old I started toward my career goal to become a doctor. During my first spring break, my brother and I were the only witnesses to a motorcycle accident. No helmet, he crashed through a fence and was unconscious and bleeding from his ears when we found him. Minutes later, standing covered in a stranger’s blood, we watched the life flight in no hurry to take off, confirming in our minds that the man had most likely died before our eyes as he was struggling to breathe. I changed my major. At that young age, I had not considered the hard parts of the medical profession. The long days and nights, the delivery of bad news, and death. I had only thought of the money. For the next ten years I searched for my passion. The perfect job with lots of money, but lacking all the unpleasant hard parts. The kind of jobs that high school advisors talk about. The job where I would wake up and go to work even if I wasn’t getting paid. Some of the worst advice is given with the best intentions. Life isn’t about avoiding hard things; it is about growing until you can do hard things, and even enjoy hard things. The reason I believe a college GPA is a good estimate of how well that person will do in the workforce is because it shows whether that person is willing to give it their all and excel even in the classes they aren't passionate about. They don't give up when it gets hard. They don't blame the professor. They don’t let anything stand in the way of who they want to become. I am not becoming a physician assistant because I enjoy seeing motorcycle injuries, but through applying myself in school, I will be the best of the best at saving the lives that can be saved. As the father of three, I will never enjoy seeing the tears on the face of a child with a broken arm, but I will be the best at making them comfortable and unafraid. Anyone who applies themselves in school can learn how to diagnose and treat disease. Not everyone will take the time to treat not just the disease, but also the person. As a physician assistant I will be able to focus on each patient as an individual, learn who they are, alleviate their fears and tension, and take time to help them understand exactly what is happening and why. Individuals are scared of the unknown. By providing them with understanding of the situation, fear will automatically dissipate. As a physician assistant, my deepest goal will be to be remembered. I will be remembered by all of the team members I work with not only as a reliable teammate, but also as an emotional buoy to those around me. I will be remembered by professors and classmates at my various schools as the student who will go on to become the best in my field. And most importantly, I will be remembered by my patients not simply because I alleviated their illness, but because of how I made them feel while helping them. Thanks for your time!
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