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  1. why not just do a structured residency/fellowship at this point?
  2. I wouldn't do it. Ask if the owners can sign off (if they are MD or PA), otherwise it's not really your problem.
  3. All great ideas. I love the idea of giving experiences. That being said, they're still little kids, so maybe one or two cheap Chinese made toys that augment the experience (e.g. giving a nice toy horse with horseback riding lessons) could be nice.
  4. Depends where you want to live. SF and LA you might have a shot. I actually see openings posted in Santa Cruz and Santa Rose quite often that seem open to new grads. Don't even bother trying SD as a new grad. Central Valley or more rural? You can get whatever you want and the salary is good.
  5. Salary looks good, but the hours seem wonky like Cideous mentioned. 2 wks PTO is pretty bare bones. 3 years is a long contract. 2 yr non-compete is absurd, although it likely can't be enforced legally.
  6. I agree, but we also hear about new grads struggling to get work. What leverage do they have if they're worried that is the only opportunity they will get?
  7. 7 on 7 off used to be considered a good thing for both the provider and patient care. There's a lot of evidence pointing how flawed that logic is, and from a provider's standpoint, you end up working more hours than a typical 9-5 and need 2 days to recover from each 7 on.
  8. I read it as PAs are 100% efficient and contribute to zero waste in the medical system, so it would clearly have been erroneous to include us.
  9. Program start date and end date. You'll graduate somewhere between 6-18 months sooner than the vast majority of people from your application cycle by selecting a program with a January start date.
  10. I'm sorry this happened to you, but shit happens. It's not the end of the world. You can take the exam again. A few things. - Practice active learning instead of passive learning. Listening to podcasts, watching movies, and reading is passive. You need to spend more time on active retrieval skills. - You'll likely have some test anxiety for this next round. Do whatever you need to get yourself in a mentally sound place. At a minimum, eat actual healthy food and get some exercise. - You studied a lot. I'm thinking you may have been fatigued by the time you took the exam. Marathon runners don't run full blast right up to race day. Take a few days off before to let your mind rest. - New plan sounds good. Don't expect a pity party. Get back up on the horse!
  11. It's also pretty early. If you go by the stages of group development, your class is probably somewhere between "forming" and "storming." I mostly kept to myself and studied alone early on. I prioritized spending time with my wife and dog, and actually made an effort to make friends outside of school since I had moved to a new city. I didn't really have any friends in my program until 5-6 months in. People became a lot more "real" by that point and stopped trying to prove themselves. I think they also realized it wasn't undergrad anymore. Things will get better. If it helps, I was your age when I started.
  12. So PAs or NPs can no longer be a 1099 employee?
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