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  1. Ya I agree with the above sentiments. I am about to finish the didactic phase of PA school and there are a few paramedics in my class, including myself. Just like most experience it has helped in some areas, but PA school is its own beast and everyone has to put a lot of effort in to get through no matter what previous experience they had. I would get the pre-reqs done and apply as soon as possible. like nichole said get a job in the hospital (like an ED tech) and that will help you see what its like, but again don't wait to be a medic apply to school and get to your end point ASAP
  2. I was in the same position as you. I had an associates and was working as a paramedic. I got my Bachelors through southern Illinois university-carbondale, it was in fire service management and online, but a degree nonetheless. I completed all my pre-reqs at a community college. As long as you're grades are good you'll get in somewhere. I am currently finishing up my didactic year and nowhere that I interviewed cared what your degree was in. Also, look into PA programs that don't require a bachelor's, I know pacific university in OR accepts students without bachelor's degrees as long as they have completed all the pre-reqs and other requirements
  3. Like AdamPAS said maybe take a hard science course and get and A to boost that science GPA as much as you can. Idaho uses a file score system to determine interviews and acceptances ( I don't know if you are familiar but the math is pre-req GPA+ your percentage rankings on the V and Q GRE tests) When I applied there I found out from the forum that they were interviewing in my score range so I applied late but kinda knew I was going to get an interview. For schools to apply to just do A LOT of research see what your chance are with ones you are interested in. I picked states I was ok moving to and then found schools I could apply to and did. You never really know what the school might see in your app and want to pursue you further, ya know. Pretty ambiguous, but each case is different and things change year to year. Good luck and keep on pursuing
  4. I just want to emphasize that getting in with a low GPA is possible. I am in my first year at Pacific and I had a low overall GPA. Overall 3.24, BCP 3.6, last 60-3.68. So technically I fit into the category that hmtpnw put forth. I think the most important thing to look at is overall compared to BCP and last 45 or 60 credit hours. I like many did not think GPA mattered in undergraduate and did not take school seriously. When I decided to become a pa I realized that I needed to buckle down and get good grades. So Look at your transcripts and calculate the different GPA's. If they are like mine and trend upward you have a better shot at getting an interview. If they are not maybe take some more science classes and get that GPA up or find schools that focus on other aspects of the application more so than GPA.
  5. Got the call...I’m in. I can’t stop smiling, very excited!!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Thank you, I submitted both the CASPA and supplemental on 8/6 and verified on 8/28 I made improvements to my application by improving my GPA (as much as possible with so many units already), I was able to ask for letters of recs from people that knew me longer and better since I had been in my current position longer. I also changed up my personal statement by making it more personal and used some emotional experiences that have made me want to be able to do more for people. I also started to volunteer in my community more, something I had gotten away from with my busy schedule. After I got all rejection letters the first year I really looked at where I might have holes and did what I could to fill them.
  7. I have a little insight into this, my overall GPA is a 3.25, my science is a 3.6 and my last 60 is around a 3.7, I have just over 10,000 hours of HCE as a Paramedic/ ED tech. I will be interviewing on 11/4. I think as long as you meet the requirements you have a chance. No matter what, the right school will come along that's the perfect fit. It is my second year applying so don't lose hope just keep on keeping on towards the goal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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