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  1. Recently got accepted into my top choice PA school and have given up my interview position for 09/29! I hope this helps someone else get an interview! Good luck everyone.
  2. Just got my acceptance email a few minutes ago. Interviewed 9/11. I'm incredibly excited and I hope everyone else hears back soon!
  3. I would just go with what the woman on the phone told you about it being traditional. Every UTMB student I've spoken to said it was traditional format. I don't expect they would change it now! Or at least I hope they wouldn't. Either way, people tend to say you can't really prepare for MMI so even if you prep for traditional interviews and it's MMI you haven't really lost anything!
  4. I didn't get a rejection email until November last year. Waiting does suck though. It might help to call and ask about your application status if you're really anxious. I hope you hear from them soon.
  5. I feel ya. The wait is the worst part about all this. I hope you hear something soon!!
  6. Interviewing 09/11!! I cannot contain my excitement!! Submitted May 5th, applied last year and didn't receive an interview invite, BS in Biology, cGPA 3.54, sGPA 3.15, 2500+ scribe hours, 250 PCE hours, 300+ volunteer hours, 2 LOR from an MD and 1 from a PA.
  7. Stupid question...do they say "CU Denver" or "UC Denver" when referring to the school? They're the "University of Colorado" but everywhere I see refers to it as CU Denver. Just wondering what's the right way to say it colloquially.
  8. Ah yes. I was thinking of supplemental apps, which UTSW doesn't have. Thanks!
  9. I think they enjoy finding out how high our anxiety levels can get lolol
  10. Looked at the 2015-2016 thread and the first interview was received on August 10th.
  11. I think they start looking at applications before the September 1st deadline because last year the first interview invites were sent out on July 26th. I'm starting to convince myself that the people getting interview invites don't use or pay attention to this forum lol
  12. I have not heard anything. Not from UTMB, HSU, nor Tech lol (I get email notifications when someone posts on the Texas PA Schools haha)
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