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  1. I am excited for all of Class of 2023 to begin their journey in Harrogate at LMU! You will fall in love with this place! Speaking as a member of the Class of 2022! Best of Luck and enjoy your time before classes start!
  2. For those of you on the waitlist like myself, did you email any updates on your application? For example, more healthcare/ patient care/ volunteer hours. I am unsure if it would help or hinder my status. Any ideas? Thank you! ***Crossing Fingers***
  3. Hi everyone! I received an interview invitation today for South College in Atlanta, but will be declining due to acceptance elsewhere. I hope this helps someone out! Good luck everyone!
  4. I was recently accepted to another program and let South College know today that I will not be making the interview this Friday, 2/14. I am hoping someone else is called and asked to come interview. Good luck to you all!
  5. I just received an interview invite at South College-Knoxville for 3/13. However, I have been accepted elsewhere and will be giving up my spot. I hope that helps someone out! Good luck!
  6. I believe they said it was their last interview. I’m sorry. I was a reapplicant so don’t give up!
  7. I received the most life-changing and exciting phone call of my life!!! I’m in! I cannot wait to meet all of my future classmates! For those of you that haven’t heard back, don’t give up! This was my second time interviewing at LMU and the experience I got between rounds, I am very thankful for! It takes people sometimes 3 or more times! Just stay with your goal! Be persistent and you will accomplish anything! They said the class wasn’t full and they do accept multiple people off the waitlist. Whatever you do, don’t give up! I didn’t! Congrats to everyone! Lauren
  8. It was so great meeting everyone today in Harrogate! Hopefully we all hear great news! Good luck to you all! Lauren
  9. Actually, I was just offered an interview for Feb. 28th! Super excited and nervous! Good luck everyone!
  10. I got an email today that I am on the interview wait list. If any space opens up for interviews, applicants on the interview wait list are called. "Crossing fingers" Good luck to everyone and congrats on acceptances!
  11. I had to reschedule my interview from 1/24 to 2/14. I hope that helps one of you out! See everyone at the 2/14 interview! Good luck everyone!
  12. For those of you who received an invite to Harrogate campus, did you have problems receiving the email. I was informed today that I was invited back in October twice and I rechecked everything (junk/ trash, etc.) and did not find the invite. I was invited for interview on the 24th, but I also have another interview on the 24th in Nashville. I asked the Nashville school if I could reschedule my interview since I plan to attend the interview at LMU on the 24th! Excited to meet everyone! Does any one know how full the class is at this point? Good luck everyone!
  13. I was invited to an interview yesterday for later this month on the 24th. I do not believe it is too late for anyone who is considering applying! I submitted my application mid-December! Good luck everyone! Also, if anyone (or as a group) want to grab coffee the day before on the 23rd and get to know one another l would be interested!
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