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  1. Actually, I was just offered an interview for Feb. 28th! Super excited and nervous! Good luck everyone!
  2. I got an email today that I am on the interview wait list. If any space opens up for interviews, applicants on the interview wait list are called. "Crossing fingers" Good luck to everyone and congrats on acceptances!
  3. I had to reschedule my interview from 1/24 to 2/14. I hope that helps one of you out! See everyone at the 2/14 interview! Good luck everyone!
  4. For those of you who received an invite to Harrogate campus, did you have problems receiving the email. I was informed today that I was invited back in October twice and I rechecked everything (junk/ trash, etc.) and did not find the invite. I was invited for interview on the 24th, but I also have another interview on the 24th in Nashville. I asked the Nashville school if I could reschedule my interview since I plan to attend the interview at LMU on the 24th! Excited to meet everyone! Does any one know how full the class is at this point? Good luck everyone!
  5. I was invited to an interview yesterday for later this month on the 24th. I do not believe it is too late for anyone who is considering applying! I submitted my application mid-December! Good luck everyone! Also, if anyone (or as a group) want to grab coffee the day before on the 23rd and get to know one another l would be interested!
  6. I spoke with the admissions coordinator on Monday this week. He said that 20 of 45 seats were taken at that time. He also said that they interview until April/ May.
  7. Has anyone heard any new news on wait list status or regarding how full the class is? I emailed the school yesterday, but have not heard back yet.
  8. I just broke down and applied to all 3 South College PA Programs! Wish me luck! I know it's late! I am just on the waitlist at two other schools and anxious I may not be pulled off! Congrats to all who have been offered admission!
  9. Has anyone applied to multiple campus sites for South College? I am wondering if it's allowed or looked down upon? Thanks in advance! It's late in the game and I am on two waitlists, but I am anxious I won't get in so decided to apply to other schools.
  10. Thank you for letting us know! I really really really hope I get pulled off!
  11. From what I read from previous forums it seems as they do accept people. However, I have no idea how many people they waitlist or how many received the supplemental from the all who were interviewed which I believe is around 250 ish. It also seems as people typically find out after April 15th from the waitlist. I am guessing accepted individuals have until then to accept/ decline their position.
  12. Is anyone else having such a hard time waiting! I know it's still too soon, but I can't help checking my email every chance I get! So nervous!!! Good luck everyone! 13 or so more days...
  13. Hi everyone, It says that you need to have a B- or above in all prerequisites. However, you can substitute Biochemistry over Organic Chemistry. I have a C in Organic chemistry, but an A in Biochemistry. Do you all think that would be okay since you can substitute? Thanks and good luck everyone! Lauren
  14. I got this email too! I received the same email when I applied 2 cycles ago, but did not end up with an interview that time even after the email.
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