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  1. Congrats! Your stats are very good and show that you are a well rounded applicant!
  2. Oh whoa.. can't believe they made a decision that fast. I have similar GPA as you but my last 60 GPA is not as good. Do you mind sharing your PCE/HCE/volunteer hours?
  3. I have a very low GPA cGPA: ~3.3ish sGPA: ~ 3.2ish I am almost done with all my classes and beside planning to retake chem 1 and 2 that I got a C's in, I am not planning to go for post-bac program. My question is, with my low GPA, how many PCE/HCE/volunteer hours and GRE that I need to get to be consider as a competitive applicant? I am planning to apply to PA school in 2020 cycle (although I really want to apply next cycle)
  4. Is it necessary to take ochem and biochem lab as pre-req for PA school? At my college, ochem lab and biochem lab are separated course, you have to pass ochem lab in order to take biochem lab. I barely survived ochem and I'm not good at doing lab work at all so I don't know if i should take the lab. My science GPA is really low already so I do not want to bring it down. Thanks!
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