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  1. You have an interview on National PA Day!! That's a omen.
  2. Hey did you ever renew your BLS/ACLS? Peter Molina, PA-C AHA Instructor 305-301-8550 EHS.training@yahoo.com
  3. Best price and service in town. He'll get you recertified quick and painlessly. American Heart Association. Just shoot him a text. You can thank me later.
  4. Hi Geraldine, I can offer PA shadow hours Saturday mornings 9am-12pm (sometimes 1pm) at an urgent care in Miami. There are other PA's there that can offer more hours during the week.
  5. Hi, if you are interested in shadowing hours and live in the South Florida area. I can offer Saturday mornings from 9am-12pm (sometimes 1pm) shadowing hours. There are at least 3 PA's to shadow in both pediatric and adult urgent care medicine. It is a super underserved community so you will see have some really good exposure as many of the parents/patients use the urgent care as their only means of healthcare.
  6. Hey Guys, Love to see the initiative of forming a study group. As you will see once you get in to the program, the first lesson that you learn is that there is power in numbers. Here is a link to a short video on how I studied for the entrance exam. Also, if anyone is interested in Saturday morning urgent care shadowing opportunities, you can message me with your name, healthcare experience and level of education. Good luck.
  7. hey future PA’s my name is Peter Molina, PA-C. I graduated from MDC last year August and I felt that the entire process for getting in and staying in was super confusing. So I’m gonna be posting videos to help you guys go through the process. Also, I’ll be opening up some shadowing opportunities at an urgent care that I work at on Saturdays as well where you can get some hands on experience and ask me as many questions as you would like. Below I will link a video to my first video that I posted for my classmates. Show support and subscribe as well and let’s get you to that 6 figure salary that you deserve.
  8. you can use whatever you got bro. as long as you have it on the first day of lab you're good.
  9. You know once the 2018 application process is over you can schedule an appointment with Jackie or Isabel to go over why you were not selected.
  10. Don't focus on any subject in particular, just study everything (I know its easier said than done). Remember its only 30 anatomy questions (no physiology) the subjects don't favor anything system more than the other.
  11. Hey guys, I'm in the MDC PA program, I grad next summer. I just want to give a few words of encouragement. WHAT EVER YOU DO DON'T GIVE UP. your entire life depends on it. If at first you don't succeed, try again and again and again until something gives. If life knocks you down, land on your back. if you can look up you can get up. YOU DID NOT COME THIS FAR JUST TO COME THIS FAR….. ARE YOU WORTH IT?
  12. Medical term – 20 questions A&P – 50 questions · General concepts Micro – 15 questions · Kingdom/family classification system · Gram staining Medical math – 15 questions Gram to kilogram · Cc to tbs · Cc to tsp · mL to L · etc… this is what the website said last year. My recommendation: master medical terms and medical math, thats 35 freebies that you can get right, you don't need 100% to get accepted, I got in with an 84%.
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