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  1. missroux

    2018-2019 Applicants

    Hey everyone, I withdrew from the interview on January 25 due to being accepted elsewhere. Hope this opens an opportunity for someone else! Good luck everyone.
  2. Anyone interviewing January 14th want to meet up the day before? I'm flying in from Atlanta this weekend and would love to connect.
  3. missroux

    Morehouse PA Program

    I haven't received this email either. Really hoping they get back to us soon!
  4. missroux

    Meharry School of Medicine

    I received the supplemental today as well. I believe the main app is open till March so I don't see why you shouldn't apply if you haven't yet!
  5. Got the rejection email as well. Best of luck to everyone!
  6. missroux

    Morehouse PA Program

    I interviewed in the first group and still haven't heard anything either way...staying positive though!
  7. missroux

    Meharry School of Medicine

    Thanks, you too!
  8. missroux

    2018-2019 Applicants

    Yup! I sent in my fall grades December 4 and got the invite December 10.
  9. missroux

    2018-2019 Applicants

    Got invited to interview today!!
  10. I was invited to the 1/9 interview today!
  11. missroux

    2018-2019 Applicants

    I just got that email today!
  12. Oh no, that's just me trying to be optimistic lol. I'm in the same boat. Hoping we all hear something soon!
  13. I'm hoping this just means that we get moved over to regular decision and we still have a chance!

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