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  1. I just got the email!! Waitlisted, but no info on my rank or the number of people on the list. I'm giving up my spot but I wish everyone else good luck!
  2. Been waiting to hear something since my interview in October...
  3. I received the acceptance call last night! I was already accepted at my top school so I will be giving up my seat. Good luck to everyone!
  4. I got an email from Colleen today in response to my thank you note to the committee, and she said they are meeting next week. (I interviewed January 14)
  5. Following! Recently accepted as well and looking into this as an option. I've read that the Loan Repayment Program might be better because it's easier to get into and has more locations to choose from. Can anyone confirm this?
  6. Hey everyone, I withdrew from the interview on January 25 due to being accepted elsewhere. Hope this opens an opportunity for someone else! Good luck everyone.
  7. Anyone interviewing January 14th want to meet up the day before? I'm flying in from Atlanta this weekend and would love to connect.
  8. I haven't received this email either. Really hoping they get back to us soon!
  9. I received the supplemental today as well. I believe the main app is open till March so I don't see why you shouldn't apply if you haven't yet!
  10. I interviewed in the first group and still haven't heard anything either way...staying positive though!
  11. Yup! I sent in my fall grades December 4 and got the invite December 10.
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