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  1. Received an acceptance email this morning as well!! Still in disbelief.
  2. I got my letter yesterday saying I was waitlisted! Second year of being waitlisted but hopefully this time around it leads to an acceptance. Have to stay positive!
  3. I’m not sure about if there’s a specific number of spots per group. However, they stressed at my interview that every group will have equal opportunity to be accepted. So for Pacific I wouldn’t stress if you are one of the last groups.
  4. I haven’t! I can’t remember when they said we would hear by.
  5. I interviewed 10/21 and haven’t heard anything yet..does that mean no one else has either? Does everyone find out at the same time?
  6. Very impressive! Thanks for the encouragement.
  7. Congrats!! Would you mind sharing your background? I interviewed on the 13th and didn’t receive a call myself so just interested.
  8. Has anyone from Friday gotten a call yet? 😅
  9. Thanks! I'll reach out to her asap.
  10. Received my invite for the 21st a week ago. Excited to meet everyone! Coming all the way from Ga 😅
  11. Also received an interview invite for Oct 21st today! Unfortunately I have another interview for that same day in Oregon. Per the email, doesn't seem like you are allowed to reschedule your date. Does anyone have insight on this?
  12. Thank you! Monday morning (08/21). Second year applying and first time interviewing.
  13. Accepted an interview invite for Oct 13th this morning! Soooo excited. App complete and under review - Jul 19th
  14. Just FYI the class of 2019 is filled. If you are on the alternate list you could potentially be called all the way up to the first day of classes. They will or already have contacted the top 3 on the alternate list (the person I spoke with in the PA dpt was unsure). If you are on the list and not contacted that you are in the top 3 then don't expect to be accepted. I believe she also said they have already taken one person from the list, but I could have misunderstood. Has anyone been told they are in the top 3 yet?