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  1. Just sent an email to Garrett declining my seat to interview next week because I got an acceptance at a school closer to home. Hope it frees up a spot for someone else. Best of luck to all!
  2. I just declined my seat in the class because I got accepted at a school closer to home. Best of luck to everyone!
  3. I would suggest something that is more hands on within the health care system; medical assistants, patient care technicians, ER tech, etc. Some schools don't count scribe hours as highly as those other jobs because they are not technically "touching" patients even though it's great exposure. I would suggest reaching out to your top school choices to see if they have a preference for PCE hours.
  4. It sounds like you're doing all the right things! I feel your pain, my last year at school, I would have a full class load and then commute 2hr one way back home to work 3 12hr shifts in a row to bump up my PCE hours. My advise would just be to apply smart, which it sounds like you're doing. Definitely look at schools were you think your application can shine! Best of luck!
  5. I agree with the posters above. If you don't think you'd be interested in attending the other schools, I would definitely cancel your interviews. And this is coming from someone who has been pulled off "interview waitlists" twice! You can possibly open up a seat for another applicant to interview and then possibly gain admittance! Best of luck to you!
  6. Last year I interviewed here at the last interview date and it was in Feb.
  7. I got that same response. When I interviewed at South in October, they told us that their accreditation materials were due to ARC-PA in January, they will be having a preliminary site visit in March, and the official accreditation meeting is in June
  8. Hey, yes there is a separate supplemental application that is linked on their website. Thats also where you pay the supplemental fee. There are different ones for all 3 different locations. Amazing facility and faculty! Some of the faculty was from the Knoxville location and came down to Atlanta for the interview and some were Atlanta specific faculty. The building was brand new! They just opened a month before the interview and they still had construction people in there installing some of the technology. By the time school starts for PA, they will have administrative offices on the first floor and classrooms all ready to go on the second!
  9. I'm from/currently living in St. Louis, MO but have applied to schools all around the country! My acceptance was from a private school in a different state!
  10. cGPA 3.46; sGPA 3.39; GRE V152 Q157 AW 4.5; 1500hrs as a PCT and 3000hrs as a phlebotomist; 100+ hours shadowing in 6 different specialties. If you have any other questions feel free to message me!
  11. Hey everyone, just wanted to share my story with applying to PA school to hopefully help/inspire some others out there! This is my third cycle applying to PA school. My first cycle, I applied to 14 schools, got 4 interviews and from those 2 waitlist offers and 2 nos. My second cycle, I applied to 11 schools, went on 5 interviews (declined one), and again had 3 waitlist offers and 2 nos. This cycle, I applied to 19 schools, I've only heard back from 7 so far, have gone on 5 interviews and just received my first acceptance last week!! I've learned a lot from all these interviews and application cycles and am beyond excited to receive my first acceptance! If anyone has any questions for me about my stats/clinical info or whatever message me, I'm an open book! Good luck to everyone out there, I know how difficult this process is and am willing to share my experiences.
  12. Was accepted at yesterdays interview session!! Good luck to all the rest of the cycle!
  13. Garrett said they hope for a class size around 65-85 but an exact number won’t be finalized until after the ARCPA site visit and final accredidation
  14. cGPA 3.46; sGPA 3.39; GRE V152 Q157 AW 4.5; 1500hrs as a PCT and 3000hrs as a phlebotomist If anyone has any other questions about my app/stats feel free to message me!
  15. Also got an invite to interview 11/16! See you there! Got the invitation via email
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