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  1. The interview was full of a lot of information on the program, the curriculum and the financial aid. We watched an hour long demonstration of an IBL group in action.The afternoon was 2 group interviews and 2 one-on-one interviews. The interviews were cool and laid back. The admissions staff was very nice and just wanted to get to know who I was. Overall it was a great experience.
  2. I received an email this morning for acceptance! Exciting!
  3. Congratulations on your invitation to interview! Just curious, when did you submitted your application and when was it verified?
  4. CASPA submitted 06/12 CASPA verified 06/13 Confirmation letter 06/15 Interview invite via phone call 08/21 Interview dates 09/21 & 22
  5. Congratulations to the September interviewers and good luck to you as well as to others waiting! CASPA submitted 06/12 CASPA verified 06/13 Confirmation letter 06/19 Interview invite via phone call 07/28 Interview date 09/08
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