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  1. I have been checking the pay scale for Kaiser PAs and it is so much higher than other PAs for other companies. I was wondering how accurate is the salary? How accurate is these average pay scales that are listed on websites?
  2. Would you recommend me to retake the courses that I did not do well in? I plan to retake those science courses at a community college since it is much cheaper. Or should I take more upper division science courses? I know they don't do grade replacement, but maybe they will take into consideration that I am a much more mature now and show that I can handle the course. It wouldn't raise my gpa much, but I guess it would give that kind of impression. What do you think?
  3. i would like to know this question as well. i applied july, sent in my supplemental and have not heard back anything ever since. i contacted them and they said my app is under review.
  4. I was calculating my gpa it would take me forever to get to a decent enough score to get in. Almost 3 years worth with full course and straight As.
  5. My Sci and Bcp fairly low. Science at 2.81 and BCP is at 2.74. I took some post bac classes already, but I feel like the only stuff now is to take some random classes that have the prefix bio or chem just so I can raise my gpa. These tend to be lower than 200s. I am taking these classes at community college because it is much cheaper. Should I retake some of the classes that I got Cs in? Most of my mess up happened during my freshman and sophomore year of school where I was immature and no focus. I got C in general biology so should I retake that series at a community college? The classes that I did the worst in were organic chem and general bio. Should I take random science classes at CC with bio,chem,physics or retake some the classes I did poorly in during my undergrad? I never failed a class, worst grade was just Cs. I am thinking about volunteering at my local hospital as well. What other things should I do to make myself a stronger applicant? I feel like a science gpa of 3.0 is the key for me to get in somewhere.
  6. I graduated 3 years ago in Biology. I ran my CASPA grades and it is worse than I expected. Not sure if these scores are accurate since it doesn't seem like it is calculating my post bac courses and combining them. Just seems like they are unchanged. Regardless this is what I got. BCP totals: 2.74 Baccalaureate: 3.02 / cumulative undergrad: 3.04 Post Bac:3.23 Cumulative undergrad science: 2.81 overall science: 2.81 post bac science:3.23 So what now? My sophomore year screwed me up the most since I was goofing off and not prepared for the heavy load of ochem, bio, and physics. What should I do to improve my chances? I have taken some post bac classes already.
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