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  1. Hey there! I am a second year student at MBKU and if you all haven’t been made aware of this yet, I am excited to announce that MBKU has become fully accredited and is no longer in provisional status as of a few weeks ago!
  2. Sure, sorry for this late reply! The interview process is awesome. I attended interviews at 3 other programs and I had the best experience at MBKU. LLU was a close second. It is very laid back and they try to make the day less nerve-wracking. They truly just want to get to know who you are and see if you will be a good fit for their program. The faculty are very friendly!
  3. Hey everyone! 2nd year MBKU student here. First off, congrats on applying! All I have to say is MBKU is awesome. I couldn’t imagine attending any other program. I highly recommend attending one of their pre-PA preview days. I don’t know of any specific dates just yet, but they usually host one in October. I’m about to start rotations in a couple months so I can’t answer any questions regarding that just yet, but feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions. Good luck!
  4. Yeah I’m not sure how that works unfortunately :/ unless they can’t fill all of the spots from these last 2 days of interviews then maybe they’d add another day? Good luck!
  5. I believe it is tomorrow, Saturday January 27th (I am a 1st year helping out with the interview day tomorrow).
  6. I’m so excited to see that acceptances are already going out and from what I see, all had MBKU as their top choice. I’m a first year and helped with interviews on the first day. I believe Tara was in my group! :) and to everyone else still waiting...don’t freak out! I interviewed early like you guys, but didn’t hear back until late January. I’m a firm believer that you will end up where you’re meant to be and in the right timing! Enjoy the holidays and be patient. I know it’s easier said than done. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!
  7. First year student here :-) we do not go out and work with patients during the didactic year as we do not receive our white coat until just before rotations start. We do practice using standardized patients or "actors" which is when we get a history and perform a physical exam. As far as skills go, we do the skill that is associated with that subject matter/module. For example, we just finished Hematology/Oncology and we were tested on venipuncture and IV catheter placement. For our upcoming Nephrology module that we start Monday, we are doing sterile technique and bladder catheterization. Hope this helps answer your questions!
  8. Agreed, I didn't feel the need to be wearing a plain long sleeved collared shirt under my blazer. I wore this really pretty black silk top from Anthropologie that had a floral pattern on it, sleeveless with a tie-neck. It was different than the norm, but still professional and I got compliments on it.
  9. I've been on 5 different interviews and always used a small black leather cross body purse. 3/5 interviews I went on it was raining (all in Southern California believe it or not haha) so I was also carrying an umbrella and jacket. A couple schools had a place for you to put your belongings before going into the actual one on one interview, but the others I just brought everything in with me and set it down in the seat or floor next to me. If you are bringing your belongings in the room, make sure your cell phone is turned off! As long as you don't make it a distraction, it won't be. I never purchased a nice portfolio...I just brought a folder and put my papers in there. Half the time you are given a folder from the school that includes paperwork and information about their program so I would end up putting my folder in there. I never once was asked for my resume and mainly brought the folder for me to review my written out responses to some questions during downtime.
  10. I agree with everyone above in that your program should provide these computer requirements for you. For instance with my program, you must have an actual laptop (Mac or PC) then any kind of tablet is for personal use only. Main reason being that tablets do not support ExamSoft, which is the program used for when we take tests disabling search function, etc. I already had a Mac Air that I purchased as a replacement after college about 5 years ago and because I only used it for my pre-requisite classes, it is still in tip top shape. I went ahead and bought an iPad mini for my own personal use to bring to class everyday (with the exception of test days) and to have on rotations. It fits in most white coat pockets!
  11. You have such a great clinical experience! It's different than the typical scribe (what I did), EMT, MA, etc. HCE's that are out there so that will set you apart from the crowd... Yes your GPA is pretty low, but it is more concerning that your sGPA is that low as well...what grades did you get for your pre-req's? Some schools calculate a pre-requisite GPA so if you did well in them that could be your saving grace. If you didn't do well in them (meaning mostly all A's), I would seriously consider retaking them to boost all of the above GPA's. I agree, I don't think you need to take the GRE if you aren't planning on applying to schools that require it. I did the same thing!
  12. First, by doing a good search through these forums there are lots of similar topics discussing these questions. Check it out! I recommend purchasing "How to Ace the PA School Interview"...here is the Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/How-Physician-Assistant-School-Interview/dp/0615480721 Do as many mock interviews as you can, specifically with either friends you may have that have gotten into PA school or currently practicing PA's! Dress professional: either slacks or a pencil skirt with a nice top and always wear a jacket to tie it all together. I prefer flats or a low heel. I have seen some girls wearing high heel stilettos that can barely walk in them...just don't haha also, don't wear anything too showy (nothing sparkly or low cut) or too tight. Try to be on the more natural side regarding makeup. No matter what you do, do not use your cell phone (even on breaks) on any interview day! Act professional and be friendly to everyone. Be confident in who you are and what you want. Making it to the interview step is a big deal! Don't let your nerves get to you and ruin your chances of succeeding. Hope this helps!
  13. Totally agree with kennypowers...when you are getting multiple interview invites, but are either wait-listed or rejected, it is because of your interview. I loved the book "How to Ace the PA School Interview." What I really enjoyed was how they went over the differences between great, okay, and bad responses to typical questions asked in interviews. Here is the Amazon link to purchase/check it out!: https://www.amazon.com/How-Physician-Assistant-School-Interview/dp/0615480721 However what truly helped the most was doing mock interviews with friends who were already in PA school/just graduated and of course actual practicing PA's. I was an ER scribe myself so you should have at least a couple PA's you work with that would be willing to interview prep with you :) And lastly...typical, but incredibly important is to BE CONFIDENT. You need to exude a presence to the interviewer that shows them they can see you being a PA and succeeding in their program. Good luck!
  14. epreid, for some reason they are not in the main section with all of the other CALIFORNIA schools. Scroll all the way down where there are the custom threads for the other schools. I actually am going to be starting at MBKU in just about 2 months! Feel free to message me if you have any questions :)
  15. I highly recommend purchasing the book "How to 'Ace' the Physician Assistant School Interview"! It will answer a lot of your questions! Just looked it up on Amazon and it currently runs for about $26 new. I practiced doing mock interviews with friends who were currently in PA school and also with practicing PA's. This was extremely helpful! I've interviewed at both Western and Loma Linda out of that list...two completely different interview styles. I cannot disclose any specifics, but Western is comprised of MMI (multiple mini interview) style: 4 different questions, 4 different rooms, and 4 different opportunities to show them who you are! Then it's all over in about 20 minutes haha Loma Linda was the longest interview day I ever experienced (in a good way). I really felt like they truly got to know me. It was comprised of two group style interviews, one that included an activity, and then a one-on-one. Then lastly, just as others have stated, looking up each of the school's mission statement and their history. Good luck!
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