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  1. Thanks for the message, I'm gonna stick with my decision and move forward with it. I think I could make about 25% more year 1 with a regular job but I going to stick with the thought that the experience is priceless. I know residencies is a controversial topic, but I don't think more training/education is ever a bad decision.
  2. Thanks Petunia! FYI for anyone on the thread. I just got results back and I'm officially certified! What a relief, pumped to start working. Also I was in the same boat. I scored about 75 points less than my predicted rosh review. So it maybe overshoot a bit but its darn close!
  3. Thanks for the replies, took the PANCE today. Felt good about it, happy to hear the comparison to Rosh was accurate, or scores were even better. Hate sweating this out! Came home to a job offer to review, pending this of course.
  4. https://www.fresno.ucsf.edu/actspar Wondering if anyone has any experience/information/thoughts UCSF Fresno, specifically this ACS/Trauma Surgery Residency. Considering relocating for the opportunity. New grad, I liked what I saw during the visit. Not looking for some one to make a decision for me, but any information would be great. Thanks
  5. Can anyone give an update on rosh review accuracy to PANCE score for the 2019 exam? Exams is in 9 days . . .
  6. Hi Catie, Congratulations on your acceptance! I'm sure you're pumped it's close to home for you. Do you have any advice on where to live in the area? Is it best to stay close to Le Moyne, look at downtown Syracuse, or any places to avoid? You don't have to go too in depth but any guidance would be great. Thanks!
  7. Hey Lthomas3, I received my welcome letter yesterday! It was basic acceptance letter requesting the reply with the deposit, and permission to share my email address with other accepted students. If I had to guess, once the reply is received back by Le Moyne they will facilitate some type of communication similar to this? That's about as far as I am now, anyone else?
  8. Congratulations! My name's Justin, graduated from UMASS Boston in 2015 B.S. Exercise & Health Science. Spent some time as an army medic and have worked various health and fitness related jobs. I stay as active as I can and its always good to get a group together with similar interests. This has been the end goal for sometime now, can't wait to get going on it! I'm not familiar with Syracuse so any conversations on what to do and where to live would be great. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
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