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  1. Hey PrePA615! Congrats on your acceptances! For me, atmosphere was very important when I was interviewing and choosing between schools. Since it's such an intense program, I wanted to be in an environment that was supportive-and I can honestly say that we have that at temple. You're more than just a student here, Generally, at the end of most programs, student have to take an exam that resembles the PANCE; if you don't pass this exam, programs usually won't let you graduate to prevent drops in their actual pass rate (but don't worry, you're given a chance to take it again I believe). Taking t
  2. Thought I would start the thread for this year's cycle! Good luck to everyone applying!
  3. Hey everyone! I also recently got accepted to Temple and am so excited (I first got the letter, then the email)! I was wondering if anyone has received any instructional packets, or more information about next year other than the orientation dates. Woohoo so excited to meet you all and congrats to everyone!
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