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  1. As it is, I know where some of the weaknesses exist in my application. Between my first and second application I revamped a majority of it. I felt like my LORs for my last application were very strong. So wasn't sure if it was appropriate reusing LORs/LOR writers.
  2. Hey all! Im again looking at reapplying for the 2017-2018 cycle. I was wondering what the thoughts are on reusing letters of reference for an application. Between my first application and second I made sure to upgrade my letters of reference. This past cycle I had two PAs I worked with and my anatomy professor write my LORs. Im not sure I can improve them by much. Is it appropriate to ask for the same letters again, or do I see 3 new letters/letter writers? Thanks for the input!
  3. I have been following these forums for several years now, but this is my first post. As the 2016/2017 cycle has come to a close I am gearing up to apply again for this next cycle. I would love to get some feed back where I can improve my application. This will be my 3rd year applying. I received 1 interview invitation during my first application cycle with none this cycle. Although I have yet to hear from 4 schools (Im assuming I won't get an invite). Coming into this application cycle I will have more than 4k HCE hours with over half being dedicated to direct patient care from urgent care and as an ED Tech at a regional trauma center, 400 hours as an athletic trainer, and 365 healthcare education hours. My GRE is a 305 overall. My overall CASPA GPA is a 3.11 at 246 graded hours, post-bac GPA being 3.37, overall science of 3.32, and post-bac science of 3.38. My LOR the first cycle came from my physiology professor, a nurse I was working with, and a supervisor. This past cycle I got my LOR from two PAs I worked with and my anatomy professor. I feel like on paper I'm not an awful candidate, but clearly something is missing. Where am I going wrong? Any input or help is greatly appreciated.
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