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  1. I talked to Dr.Estrada last week when they found out... he said they would reach out soon for the next steps...
  2. I called the graduate admissions office today and they said they haven't heard back yet....
  3. I wonder when they will officially find out! I saw a post from another developing program and they found out the other week! Hopefully La Verne gets good news soon!
  4. Has anyone heard back regarding accreditation status?
  5. Spoke to Barbara, The 3 LOR's can be from anyone, doesnt need to be from the same people as when we initially applied. You can either email her a scanned copy or have it sent to the grad office.
  6. I sent my transcripts and I just saw that they r posted on my La Verne app
  7. Talked to Laura yesterday and she said that they dont have access to CASPA anymore so everything needs to be submitted again. I forgot to ask if they need LOR's again.
  8. Same! I’ve tried calling/emailing but they have not replied...
  9. Did anyone get a confirmation from Laura when you RSVP for the event? Also whats the attire?
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