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  1. I'll be attending as well! I've started perusing fb listings (there is a nyc housing group you can join) but I will most likely go up to nyc in February and look with the intention of signing a lease since things turnover so quickly. Did they give you any idea of when they might be able to release a full class list/send an email?
  2. So I was in the same boat (applied late May and hadn't heard about a secondary into early August) so I decided to just call and check-in. While the woman couldn't tell me anything specific, she was able to tell me my app was 'under review' still. Two days later I got a secondary application. I'm not sure if my app maybe had gotten overlooked since I submitted early and the call helped or maybe the call made no difference whatsoever and I would have gotten the secondary anyways, but I think calling could be worth it. Just thought I'd share.
  3. @zoom123 Did you receive the secondary application via snail mail or email?
  4. Yes, sorry for the incomplete information. Maybe I'm over thinking things. I just worry about not being challenged since as much as this is to 'fulfill a requirement' it will be for a couple years and id like to grow my skills. But I am excited to be immersed in a hospital setting. I think there are some intangibles from hospital flow and the variety of providers that wouldn't be available in private practice. I sincerely appreciate the patience and input from those of you who have taken the time to respond. Enjoy your weekend!
  5. Do you think the fact that the inpatient job is at Vanderbilt University Medical Center would factor in at all? (Sorry I seem like I'm beating a dead horse)
  6. Thank you to everyone for the advice! One last piece I have to ask is while I like the first job better it is in a more expensive area (higher cost of living with more income taxes) while the second job is in a cheaper area and I would be closer to family. Do you think the bit of financial sacrifice (I'd still be saving just not as much) and the smaller support network would be worth it in the long run?
  7. Hi HanSolo, Do you think inpatient/hospital setting would be better exposure and look better than a private practice?
  8. Hello, I am currently choosing between job offers and was wondering which of the following would be better patient care experience from a PA admissions standpoint? Job 1: Cardiac Technician in a private practice Cardiology Office Role Description: Clinical chart preparation, obtaining vitals (ECG, BP, etc) as well as chief complaint and reason for visit from patient; reviewing current medication list, past medical history and review of systems. Applies and instructs on holter monitor use. Authorizes prescription refills; enters EMR data; and provides patient education. We also do so
  9. @paadmissions I am currently working at the National Cancer Institute (Administrative/Research position) but really miss interacting with patients and having more of a direct impact in the health landscape. As such, I am seriously considering pursuing a career as a PA. My current stats are as follows... Undergrad major: Biology and Psychology undergrad GPA: 3.9 sGPA: 3.9 Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology Masters GPA: 4.0 GRE: 161 quantitative, 165 verbal, 6.0 writing Grad School Experience * Graduate Assistant: Conducting exercise Testing/Body comp testing (VO2max,
  10. PAC-to-be and CC1 -- Do you mind sharing which programs you are attending/attended?
  11. Thank you -- yes I intended on applying next cycle (in 2018 for matriculation in 2019) so hopefully that will give me enough time before CASPA opens next year
  12. Hi, I am seriously considering pursuing a career as a PA. My hurdle (as it seems for many) is getting the appropriate quality and quantity of HCE hours. However, I was wondering, barring my lack of HCE, whether I would be a competitive candidate... Background: Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology (cardiac rehab internships ~550 hours - i know this doesn't count for HCE) masters GPA: 4.0 Undergrad major: Biology and Psychology undergrad GPA: 3.88 sGPA: 3.8 GRE: 161 quantitative, 165 verbal, 6.0 writing I find it hard to decipher just how much academics factors into the admis
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