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  1. definitely for studying for the GRE use Magoosh. It's an online program that tells you everything you need to know as well as tips and tricks, I seriously can't recommend it enough. I tried my best to stick to their one month study schedule (which I didn't do a great job of bc it's really intense) and am very happy with my score. Also if I were you, I would get a job in patient care ASAP and you should be able to apply this coming cycle. I applied in July with only about 900 hours initially and was fortunate enough to have a few acceptances. My goal to apply was 1000 hours of PCE, which is the minimum for some schools. I ended up falling just short and there were a couple I couldn't apply to, but I am glad I sent it in when I did. Good luck with the process! https://magoosh.com/gre/2017/how-to-study-gre-one-month/#_ga=2.157339260.734068338.1512009946-1884994231.1510889243
  2. sure, I had cGPA 3.73, sGPA 3.60, 160 verbal, 159 quant, 4.5 writing and applied with 900 hours of experience as a CNA but updated that in September with an additional 300 hours
  3. Hi everyone! I have been fortunate enough to receive acceptances at both Yale and Penn State. I loved both of them and am completely torn by which one to attend. The largest factors for me are that Penn State graduates 6 months earlier than Yale and is significantly less expensive. However Yale is able to offer a full dissection cadaver lab (rather than prosection at Penn State) and 4 elective rotations. Since Penn State is a newer program, I’m worried their clinical rotations will not be as high of quality as Yale’s, but I think I prefer their didactic curriculum. I’ve seen on the forum that some people have said attending a PA program with a strong name will give you a boost when applying to jobs right out of school, plus the opportunity to do 4 elective rotations and research, but will these aspects help my career so much that it is worth the much higher cost of attendance? Any insight is greatly appreciated! Yale Pros -4 elective rotations -Students seemed less stressed because of cumulative exams about every month rather than multiple exams every week -Full dissection cadaver lab -Research component, which I may be able to put on my resume to help with finding a job? Cons -Would end in December 2020, which is 6 months later than Penn State -I’m concerned about the online program possibly hurting the reputation. It may even limit their available resources as they will be taking on almost 50 additional online students who will attend immersion weeks in the cadaver lab and may do clinical rotations in New Haven -Tuition is about $20,000 higher, plus cost of living in New Haven is higher -Total estimated cost of attendance (living expenses, tuition, food, fees etc) is $160,000 Penn State Pros -Ends in May 2020 -Team-based learning approach -Total estimated cost of attendance (living expenses, tuition, food, fees etc) is $120,000 -got a slightly better vibe from the current students and the faculty -offers shadowing opportunities to supplement the fact that they only have one elective Cons -Only 1 elective rotation -Newer program, but all the classes that have graduated so far have had a 100% PANCE pass rate. It does have continuing accreditation and the program director is amazing, she was at DeSales for a long time and you can tell she really cares about the success of her students -Cadaver lab is mostly prosection
  4. I was accepted today from my 9/11 interview!!! Anyone else hear anything? Good luck to those still waiting/interviewing!!
  5. Hi all, I submitted my application and was verified already but I want to apply to another school. When I apply to that school will it go almost directly or does my application need to be verified again?
  6. Someone told me that CPR/BLS certifications help your application to PA school. I'm not currently certified and it might be a time crunch to get certified before applying, but is it worth it? Does it actually strengthen your application?
  7. I hope this isn't a silly question, but I know for most master's and PhD programs you customize each statement for each school. Do I write just one personal statement and send it to all of my schools or do I need a slightly different personal statement for each school I apply to? Would CASPA even allow me to upload numerous personal statements? Thanks for your help!
  8. I used only Magoosh for one month (the one month study plan) and HIGHLY recommend it. I got above and beyond what I wanted. It was a pretty intense study plan, but just do your best to stick with it (I definitely wasn't perfect) and I'm sure you will do well. I watched almost all of the videos, learned as many flashcards as I could and did a lot of practice questions. In the end, I felt really prepared for the exam. https://magoosh.com/gre/2012/1-month-gre-study-schedule/
  9. Has anyone taken this class? I saw a few things scattered through other forums about this class but not a lot. If anyone has taken this please let me know how it went and how if you had any problem with PA schools accepting it. Also possibly interested in Oregon state, northwestern state or central Michigan if anyone has taken genetics there. Thanks!!!
  10. I work at a nursing home/rehab center as a CNA mostly during breaks from school during winter and summer. Although I have about 700 hours most of these have been with no direct RN supervisor just because of the way the facility is organized. There are LPNs that have supervised me, but I question the quality of the letter of recommendation many of them could provide. A lot of them don't speak english very well or are very busy with health problems and may not have time to write a strong letter. Although I will probably have one from a PA I've formed a strong relationship as well as 2 from professors that I have worked closely with for 2-3 years, I worry about the lack of a letter from someone who has actually observed me in a clinical setting. It seems odd to me to not be able to produce a letter from where I did my clinical experience. Should I try and get a letter from an LPN at work? Or maybe someone in administration... (although they really haven't observed my work ethic or patient contact...) Please help!!
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