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  1. Hey y'all, I was hoping some people in this group who have completed the program could shed some light on Nova-Orlando's clinical rotations. Quality. Regions of FL. Hospitals within FL. Were the preceptors tried and true, as well as respectful of the PA career and engaged in helping you learn? Any and all info would be much appreciated. Best, Andrew
  2. Thank you, M0185080, for your encouraging testimony! I really appreciate hearing stories like yours.
  3. Thanks for your honesty. I definitely want to shadow more. And thanks for giving me some insight into your personal work setting!
  4. Charlottew, I completely understand your suggestion. I'm definitely considering med school; however, I am married and the thought of med school + residency (approx 10 yr for any surg specialty or cards) kind of intimidates her with how many hours I would be pulling during those years. My decision is not just going to affect me. We have not ruled med school out, but I also know ortho and cards docs work a ton of hours even as attendings, and at the end of the day, my wife and future fam is more important and I want to put their needs before my own. It would be my hope that as a PA in one of those specialties, and with a residency, I may be able to have a bit wider range of independence along with a bit more reasonable hours (around 45-50/wk). But I know I can't have it all.
  5. Any other PAs out there taken advantage of a cards residency or ortho surg residency who can attest to an expansion of procedural responsibility in their field? Perhaps performing coronary angioplasties and/or stents, or independently performing one side of a bilateral ortho procedure.
  6. Wow! That sounds like some great exposure to a lot of complex cases. I don't often hear of PAs being able to do that much but I reckon that's the perk of the residency. Thanks for the insight, JDayBFL
  7. Thank you for your commitment to the people on this forum, EMEDPA.
  8. Wow! That's great that you had that many electives. I have not seen many programs out there that offer that many. I have been accepted to a program that has one selective rotation of which I must choose one of four particular specialties and one elective of my choice. I really like the location of the program but it is only a 10 year old program.
  9. Does anyone think that graduating from a PA school that utilized the Anatomage table instead of cadavers would hinder a student's chances of being accepted into a surgical residency?
  10. I completely agree, LT Oneal Pac. I'm not saying the pay is fair for the amount of training and work that a PA goes through and does. And I hope that the pay continues to increase. I'm not looking to get rich off medicine, but I would like to be financially valued for my time put in.
  11. In y'all's opinion, does it matter which PA school you graduate from in the eyes of the residency programs? As long as its accredited. Does it matter more what kind of grades you made during school and who your references are? Thanks.
  12. Would anyone with a residency under their belt be willing to tell me about their responsibilities with regard to interventional procedures and if you believe you are given more responsibility than PAs without residency training? Thanks.
  13. Would anyone with a residency under their belt be willing to tell me about their responsibilities in the OR alongside their SP? Do you feel like you are given more leeway with performing parts of the procedures? Thanks.
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