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  1. Honestly, take the time to go out and travel and enjoy the time you have before starting the program. I was on the same boat as you (out of school for 2 years) and opted to not review anatomy. Most programs do a great job of easing you into the program and not overwhelming you with material, so dont feel obligated to brush up on any courses. Im finishing up my first semester right now and it hasn't been bad at all, plus anatomy will come back to you once you're in the swing of things. Hope this helps!
  2. Not to say PTA wouldn't be good experience moving forward with gaining patient care hours, but I think there are better options for you if want to improve your chances of getting into PA school. PTA route is costly and time consuming, but the pay is higher than your standard CNA, MA, phleb, EMT. I would suggest looking into one of those programs. I was a PT tech during undergrad and although it was good experience in regards to patient care, it doesn't really help you with understanding the healthcare system like an MA or EMT would. An MA or EMT gives you the best of best world really, getting to work alongside PA.MDs, NPs, help you understand medicine as a whole, whereas PTAs only do the rehab part of it. Start knocking out the pre reqs for PA school and look into one of those programs, chances are some classes with overlap. Thats just my 2 cents, hopefully that helps!
  3. I haven't seen a fb group made last time I checked in January. I'm assuming the majority of the class has been decided already. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
  4. Well, without knowing your science GPA or other credentials (GRE, PCE, volunteer, shadowing experience), its hard to gage whether or not yo'll have a good shot at getting into programs. I don't know the specifics with UB's program, but i do know that a 3.1 isn't too competitive. Now if you can compensate for the low gpa with other factors mentioned above, I wouldn't say its a long shot. I'd recommend doing some research on programs you would like to apply to, some prefer certain stats over others. I've heard of others getting in with gpas similar to yours, just have to make sure the rest of your stats overshadow the gpa. Hope this helped a bit!
  5. Haha yeah I think everyone overthinks it initially knowing that its a pretty important email. I would just address it as (ex. Dear John Smith) and then continue to just thank them for their time interviewing etc...Also, I would suggest tying in something you guys discussed unrelated to the interview (if you guys got to that point), or something they mentioned to you about their personal experiences as a PA. Lets the interviewer know you listened vividly and weren't just trying to regurgitate answers that you recited. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  6. Hey! So I would definitely recommend sending a thank you letter/email to whom ever you interviewed with. It allows you to leave that lasting impression and hopefully resonates with the interviewer while finalizing seats. I sent emails to both faculty I interviewed with and ended up getting accepted shortly after. Don't be upset if you don't get a response though, im sure they have their fair share of emails to sort through. Hope this helps!
  7. Hey there! I would recommend looking at western island, campus habitat, cherry st apts, and douglas st apts. Western island is right by the HP building so you could walk to class in roughly 5 min. The others are relatively close too. I did my undergrad at CMU and knew a bunch of grad students in several of those housing. Also, they have grad dorms extremely close to the HP building, which I hear is nice to live in. I would def look into the grad housing first seeing as how its your closest option, along with having others that are looking for similar living arrangements. Hope this helps a bit!
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