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  1. Hey guys figured I would chime in on the forum here. As far as the dressing situation goes I cant be much help there other than too say business/work attire... dress to impress but dont go overboard. Dress confident and be casual. I arrived an hour early and felt a bit foolish but I got a chance to meet a few PA students that started this year. You will be interviewing at the same location as the classes and chances are you will run into a few of them. They split the interview day into three different sections --> Essay response, Tour, and Interview. As far as preparing for the questions, I did what most people would do... search forums/websites and youtube lol. I had a whole gameplan in mind and as soon as the interview started I went a totally different way with it. In retrospect trying to memorize my responses to popular questions was a mistake. The benefit to preparation should be familiarizing yourself with your personal character and why you want to be a PA ultimately. I also made it a goal to get the interviewees to laugh 3 times. I recieved my acceptance into the program on July 30th. If you guys have any other questions about me or the interview post them up here. I totally understand where you all are and wish you all the very best! Good luck ?
  2. Does anyone know when to expect the following two waves of invitations to go out?
  3. Hey guys I have been reading a lot of the posts on the forums regarding various GPAs and there implications for acceptance into PA school. It was only a matter time before I cast my line to get your opinions. I will list my GPA is below, however, in summary I have a low cumulative GPA, moderate science GPA, and many withdrawals. Cumulative GPA - 3.2 Science GPA - 3.57 Last 40 credits - 3.91 Healthcare experience: EMT Volunteer - 250 Hours John Hopkins Lifeline - 600 hours (Critical care transportation) PA Shadowing - 24 Hours ER PA Extracurriculars: Molecular Biology TA - 1 semester Research Assistant for Molecular Biology - 1 semester Tri Beta Secretary Pre-PA Club Honors: Deans list - 3 semesters Cum Laude There is definitely an upward trend on my transcripts. However, there are many withdrawals and I received poor grades in non-science classes 10+ years ago. Looking at my application it does seem very unconventional, this is why I would like to hear your opinions on where I stand and what I might do to improve things. I’m currently a full-time employee at Johns Hopkins lifeline and have since graduated from Towson University. By the way I received a C in scuba driving, I thought you would all enjoy that one :-)
  4. Well to be honest I was pretty down and out for a while. I am sure many of you know the mindset you can get into when feeling defeated but its just motivating me more in the end. I added more classes to my upcoming semester to prove I can handle the workload and I am also basically living at the firehouse. I appreciate all the words of wisdom and encouragement. It truly helps immensely when I am feeling down about things. I wish you all the best! - Jeff
  5. Hello all, I am like many people I've read from before who find themselves in an awkward place to be applying to PA school. Until rather recently I was ignorant to the fact that CASPA will literally dig up the grave when it comes to old classes. Unfortunately I took basic core classes at a local community college about 9 years ago and performed horribly. The cumulative GPA after repeats was a 2.5 (mind you the repeats count for CASPA). In 2015 I returned to school much more prepared and motivated like many others on this forum to become a PA. I felt so confident for so long because after two years (and taking almost all my science courses strictly here.. e.g. Gen Chem I and II, Physics I and II, A&P I and II, Stat, Org Chem, etc...) I have a science GPA of 3.7 and a cum GPA of 3.6 (about 60 credits and 53 were science). Once these grades merge with the older material you all know the math. It is something like a 2.56 for cum and 3.3 for science. I am summarizing these stats to see what you all think of my situation. I know I am beating a dead horse with this topic so please bear with me if you can. I am looking for any advice as to how to assess my current situation and what to do. I am currently and EMT (actually sitting in the firehouse now fighting back the tears....jk), and I am signed up for the GRE at the end of the month. I appreciate the time from you all and hope you respond. Thanks again. Sincerely, Jeff
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