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  1. Rads did not make mention of the mass and it looks unchanged from CXRs approx 8-12mo apart.
  2. Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right area but the oncology subthread looks like a ghost town. My question is does anyone have experience with diagnosing/managing lymphoma patients? If so what is the expected rate of progression of "Mediastinal Mass" growth on serial CXR regarding lymphoma?
  3. Also, I have come to believe that the most important trait an EM provider can have is resilience. Absolutely necessary!
  4. "In-Flu-Enza... Then immediately turned around and flew over the cuckoo's nest." With flu being on the last quarter stretch this season I thought it would be fun to share some stories of how you went down the rabbit hole chasing patients triaged as "Flu-like symptoms"; ultimately leading to a complete 360 diagnosis. For example: Triage note: 23AAF here with "Flu-like symptoms" (Fever, cough, body aches). + sick contact at home with similar sx. 23AAF previously healthy, sexually active female, presents with fever (Tmax 104), dry cough, HA, N/V x 1 episode, and body aches th
  5. My first Fast Track patient EVER was a high speed mvc, unrestrained driver, +LOC, delayed ED presentation, with neck/back/shoulder and chest pain. Dx: C3 fx, T5 fx. Triaged as a drug seeker because he had dingy clothes on and meth mouth. Clearly you could see signs of trauma (Abrasions on extremities and head, dried blood, etc). Plus the guy couldn't turn his neck at all. Lmao. I'll never forget that.
  6. Regarding OP: Hello, **Disclaimer** I am an EMPA with almost 2 years experience under my belt. I am EM postgrad fellowship trained, now working at a different level 1 inner city teaching hospital)... Still feel like I don't know shit... Still ask too many questions. But I thoroughly enjoy it! After touching the hot stove too many times; here are a few basic rules of communication while working in the ED: #1 When in doubt ask the PA/NP first. - We have all been in your shoes. Our feet have only grown. - There is no such thing as a stupid question... Just st
  7. I'd say it all depends on the supervising physician support/training you will receive. If the docs are more then willing to show you the ropes and teach you, then by all means take the job. I did an EM residency my first year out and I took a very large pay cut, but the experience I obtained and excellent support I received from my supervising physicians was absolutely worth it. Now going into my second year I feel comfortable and confident in my ability to handle whatever walks in through the door, and I am well versed in 95% of the procedural skills needed in the ER, Including bedside US.
  8. Tell the truth. I've been arrested/charged 4-5 times and disclosed everything. After disclosing it I was required to write a formal paper explaining the arrests, charges, disciplinary actions, and resulting convictions. I was scared I would't get my license (On paper I look like a grade A criminal). Sure, It did delay the process but that's about it. Think of the license application as a test of your current character. Boy did I sweat about it during that time while waiting!
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