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  1. I got an invite as well for Grand Rapids! Looks like there are two interview times that you can choose from
  2. Thanks! Hopefully they reach out to everyone who interviewed already for a status update
  3. Congrats! Do you know if anyone else has received acceptance yet or if these are just the early invites? I also interviewed on the 29th
  4. Not yet, they said 10-14 days. Not sure if they meant to hear if you got early acceptance only, since if you didn’t make it that cut you can be put on hold and compared against next interviews to receive your acceptance later.
  5. Wow you sound like a very good candidate this cycle! I unfortunately don't have as much extracurriculars and healthcare experience as you :( I was able to get 1800 hours as a CNA, and my GPA is a 3.9 and 4.0 for pre reqs as a Human biology major, so I'm hope that will get me an interview. Since you applied last cycle we're you invited to an interview? If so, would you be willing to share your experience?
  6. I just started my CASPA and filled out my graduate application for Western. Won't submit for a few weeks so I can write my essay I am procrastinating on and look over everything. May I ask what your stats were when you first applied and were rejected and how you've improved for this year? This is my first and hopefully last time applying!
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