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  1. I graduated PA school last May and 6 months ago I started "my dream job" - Ortho surgery. I was told it was going to be working 40hrs/week, half clinic half surgery, no call.. it all sounded perfect. Now this is my current reality - I am pushing 6 months at this place, love the field and a couple of coworkers. However the doc that was supposed to be a "super nice teacher" is done with me it seems like. At the current time I am working about 10-12 hours every day and scheduled to start taking calls soon. This amount of time plus the calls arrangement is not what I was told this position would
  2. I will be starting my first job in Orthopaedics in a few weeks. I have been doing some of my own prep work these last couple of weeks, but do you have any suggestions of what should be sure to know before I start? I will be specializing in sports medicine. So far I have been reviewing anatomy, my Orthopaedic Surgery Pocketbook, some PANCE review book, and case studies.
  3. I am doing a lot of paperwork after being hired. This may be a stupid question, but when it asks for signatures, do I sign with "PA-C" or just my regular signature? I just graduated, am certified. One PA friend says yes, one friend says no. On every page there is a typed line of my name followed by "PA-C" so I am not sure if my signature with PA-C is necessary. What do you think?
  4. New grad and wanted to ask a few questions. Most things on contract seem great but I have a few questions: They are offering claims made coverage with full tail, is this equivalent to occurrence coverage? 90k salary, 3k sign on bonus, no production bonus. Should I be getting a production bonus? If so, what is a normal %? Minimal call Profit sharing plan after 1 year (25%?), 4 years I'm 100%. Is it reasonable to ask for student loan assistance? I am not in a rural city. Thank you!
  5. There seems to be a lot of links leading to an abundance of information. Do you recommend going through each subsection in blue links in addition to review the chapters emphasized?
  6. I am completing the last few steps of obtaining my state license and my state requires a state law exam. Not every state has a state licensing/law exam, so I was wondering how much you'd recommend studying for it. The guy from the licensing agency said that it was an open book 45 minute exam, but the study guide shows a lot of material. If you had to take a state licensing exam, how do you recommend to study?
  7. I had a phone interview with an clinic/hospital in the city that I am moving too. Since I live in a different part of the country, they are setting up another phone interview with me in a few days. During my first interview I was asked questions about how I handle stress, a time when I had to make a difficult choice, when I have encountered problems with co-workers and how I handled it, etc. My next phone interview is with the physicians of the clinic/hospital. What kind of topics or questions should I expect on my second phone interview? Also, this may be a stupid question but.. I will n
  8. I'm thinking about taking mine 2-3 weeks after I graduate. How long after you graduated did you wait to take your boards?
  9. I feel like it is not a wise thing to do. However, the city I am moving two only has about two main hospitals so all of the job openings on indeed come from the same place. I am open to different specialties, and I would like to apply to multiple fields. Is it wrong to apply to different specialties in the same hospital? And one more question: is it wrong to apply to jobs that say "no new grads"? Probably unlikely to actually get the job but I don't know if this hurts or not. Thank you!
  10. Do you suggest using a recruiter for someone who is applying for jobs in a state that I have no connections? It's a town of about 70k people so it is not large and idk if I will need the extra assistance or not. I have already given my resume to a recruiter and idk if it is too late to turn back now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I am in the process of applying for my first job. I put my resume in www.doccafe.com last week and I've had about 10 recruiters content me. I didn't do my research on what recruiters really did, but I thought it wouldn't hurt so I gave one my resume and she said she has me in a database and would start marketing me. My question is this: is using a recruiter a bad idea for new grad? I feel like indeed.com has a ton of job opportunities that I could apply for in the city I want to work in, so is using a recruiter even necessary? It sounds like a big con to using a recruiter would be that I the
  12. I am going to graduate PA School in May and am just starting to fill out resumes for jobs! I am interested in a certain specialty. If I am going to apply for a job in my favorite specialty, do I need a reference from a doc in that specific specialty or can I just use any preceptor? Does it matter which kind of doctor/PA preceptor gives the recommendation if it is a good recommendation?
  13. I am finishing up my last four rotations and will graduate in May 2017. I will graduate from Nebraska but am moving to Maine this summer. I have no connections to anyone in Maine, so I was wondering when would be a good time to start applying for a position that I could start in August/September? I have my resume written and have explored several job opportunities online that I might consider in Maine from websites like indeed.com. Is applying for a job now too soon? If so, when should I apply?
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