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  1. Next week is their spring break, does anyone know if they will make calls after break? Or if they don’t call today is it a done deal?
  2. Has anyone accepted a spot at Findlay and hoping to go somewhere else?
  3. Leo, do you know anything on interview invites? Are you able to shed some light on this?
  4. I'm thinking the odds are not in our favor.
  5. hmm why would they say inviting then? Wouldn't they just mention all invited have been given out and if someone drops we will send out more?
  6. So no April interviews, the candidates would only be invited for March interviews. I think you may be right that they are keeping us in case someone drops.
  7. If they were still reviewing applications, maybe the interviews go until April? Something doesn't add up, how can you still be reviewing applications but yet inviting people at the same time? Wouldn't the school review al applications then send out invites? This is confusing.
  8. I had to call about my app not too long ago, so I wouldn't feel comfortable. Can you email or call? I feel like email is less disruptive.
  9. Maybe interviews have been extended into April like last year? The only way to find out is from the school.
  10. You could call or email, if you do please let us know!
  11. Has anyone contacted the school and asked about if interview invites are done? The school is going to have the most up to date information on this. Do any current students know?
  12. Has anyone recently received an interview invite and if so when? For those who have interviewed, how did you feel about the process?
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