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  1. I interviewed and did not get accepted . So I emailed the program and they gave me a detailed explanation of ways that I could improve my application . I’m sure they will for you too !!
  2. Its from the biology department ,so I guess it is a biology elective. Thanks for the guidance !!
  3. Hey has anyone been able to access the webinars or drop in sessions lately? I'm not sure if its not working for me or if the times are different from the website. The main question I have is does biochemistry count for the biology elective?
  4. Hi! I signed up for the 7/13 PM session. If you would like to get together prior or after interviews, please PM me! Best wishes Friday! 

  5. Hey I’m interviewing on 7-13 pm session coming from nj .. if there’s anything planned 7/13 evening please let me know ? I’d love to meet some of you guys !!!
  6. I too have similar stats as you and the other person who posted above. My post - bacc sGPA is 3.8 but my overall sci is 2.9 =/. Honestly, I am wondering the same thing. A lot of programs claim to have a holistic approach on selecting candidates.. so I think thats where all hope comes from for people like us with lower GPAs. It is discouraging to here that there is an additional GPA minimum to interview but I guess with so many applicants they have to weed people out somehow. Don't lose hope yet !!! If anything we could always retake classes and apply next cycle...
  7. I was waitlisted for an interview. Congratulations to everyone already accepted and Good luck to those who were granted an interview
  8. Accepted !! I thought it was a rejection because of the small envelope . I am excited to hear back about accreditation. Good luck to everyone !!!!
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