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  1. Congratulations to the people who received the acceptance call! Thank you Jess for creating a Facebook group for our cohort. To those who haven't received the call or if you don't get in (and actually even if you did get accepted) I have something important to tell you...take everything, I mean EVERYTHING you experienced from this journey and learn from it. This is my second time going through this process and yes I was bummed the first time, but I later realized it was a complete blessing. I could go on but I found something that speaks on everything I want to say and would like to share it with you: https://www.forbes.com/sites/ekaterinawalter/2013/10/29/fail-your-way-to-amazing-things/#546411476759 -Joey
  2. It was indeed a great time with personalities whom I'd like to have at classmates. Best of luck to all of the applicants and please let us know if you get the acceptance call!
  3. Sorry everyone, I forgot to tell you that the reservation at Gallows is under Joey MedEx.
  4. I went ahead and increased our reservation to 20 people to allow some more seats. I'm excited for our meet up and interview this weekend! -Jose
  5. Hello all. I hadn't heard about anyone making any reservations yet so I went ahead and made it for the Gallos near old Seward and Dimond Blvd. I made it for 15 people and it could only be made at the regular dining area since the upstairs was already booked. Is everyone still good with this place at 6:30pm on Friday? Please let me know if anyone is bringing someone with you so I am able to reserve more seats if needed.
  6. Gallos with the separate room sounds like a great location. Anyone not good with that location at 630pm?
  7. Friday night works for me too. I am able to meet around 5 to 6pm as well. The UAA idea is good for space and being able to talk and hear each other but we might have to pay for parking. The Starbucks on Dimond could be difficult to accommodate 10 to 12 vehicles in their parking lot, depending on who is driving. I've never been to the Kaladi's on Brayton but it looks like they could accommodate plenty for parking, on google maps and the community room sounds like a great idea. Food on a Friday night might be a little loud anywhere in town but if we could get a separate room/section it might help dial down the common area volume. Honestly, I'd like to get a bite around that time if we could. Does anyone have any allergy or food preferences/lifestyles we would meed to accommodate for?
  8. Yanetyjo: I have been in the medical field for about 7 years as a patient care tech in med/ surg and the ER, LPN in behavioral health and several years as a medic. I will be seeing everyone at the interview on Nov 18 for the interview conference. I'm anxious and excited for this opportunity and would like to see about meeting everyone somewhere the night before.
  9. Hi Kylie. Thank you for offering your help. I really appreciate it! I do have a question. When did you have to fly to Seattle, to do the part of the program that is required to be there?
  10. Same here. I love this place and would like to also do primary care or urgent care but in a more rural setting, if it's available. I know the need for something like that is also high in the 'bush.' Did you experience the MMI setting when you interviewed last year?
  11. Since I have been here, I continue to hear that behavioral health is an area which is in high demand of medical providers. You're also a long time resident here. Would you want to continue working here as a PA and if so what setting? I also applied to last year's bachelor cohort and interviewed but was not accepted. Did you interview in Anchorage? I went down earlier this year to interview in Seattle. It was a great experience along with the fact that I was able to meet some great faculty and staff.
  12. Hello Janetyjo and Ciara. Welcome to the thread! Janetyo, what is your name and what is an IMG? Are you currently only a full-time student or are you working in the medical field and if so, what do you do? Ciara, past two years that you applied, was it the the bachelor's or masters program? How long have you lived in Anchorage and was your mental health experience here?
  13. Hello all. My name is Jose Diaz and I have applied to this cohort and am a hopeful interviewee for next year's bachelor's program. I created this forum so we can chat, compare notes, help each other prepare a little better and set each other at ease. I am an Anchorage resident and have been for several years now. It is my home and I'm looking forward to continue giving back to this community, by way of being a primary care provider. I have only applied to the MEDEX PA program, as many have done. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Please be patient as I don't check this every day.
  14. This is to help all the applicants, applying to MEDEX 2018 Anchorage Bachelor's Cohort, collaborate and share info.
  15. Hi Denise. Sorry for the late reply. I applied to the Anchorage cohort and am excited to be meeting everyone the night before. You can count me in for the 5:30 meet up and dinner plus one (my wife).I was not expecting this great of a reply from so many people. I'm glad there are many of us undergoing this journey together and look forward to dinner and our interview. If you need to get a hold of me here is my contact info: Jose.israel.diaz@gmail.com 386-216-1720 -Joey
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