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  1. I’m sorry I just meant that those who have been accepted stated they interviewed on either October 16th or November 1st. I went back and looked at all the posts and was wondering if anyone has been accepted from other dates than those two.
  2. Anyone else notice all who have been accepted have been from October 16th and November 1st interview dates? Has anyone been accepted that interviewed on other dates besides these two dates?
  3. To be honest I don’t know, there was different rooms people interviewed in so it was hard to keep up with. I was on campus for one hour before we had our interview but was like 20 mins early for my interview outside the room I was interviewing in so I’m not really sure. We only had to be on campus for the time of our interview and then we were free to leave afterwards.
  4. Awww I’m sorry, it had a lollipop, a pamphlet about the program, card holder for your phone, a light, a mouse pad, a pen and like a bookmark about being a certified PA. I’m sure it slipped their mind and they meant to give you one. Hope you had a great turn out :)
  5. Yes I did, it was very thoughtful of them. I was surprised by it too.
  6. Basically meaning you aren't physically there since everything they want to know about you is all on the application...ergo meaning interview without an interview
  7. From my understanding yes, Mrs. Mealer stated our application is an interview without an interview so it makes a big difference.
  8. I submitted my application July 28th and it was verified with UTRGV August 25th. Best of luck to everyone
  9. I called the Graduate College and was told all students who were accepted were already notified. I was also told that when they spoke about batches they were talking about those who were waitlisted as all those who were waitlisted have NOT ALL been notified as previously stated by @jesc so if you did not recieve an invitation to the pa program you could possibly be waitlisted. I asked if there was a chance we would hear back this week and was told it would most likely be next week as this week is spring break. I spoke with Tanya from the Graduate College in Brownsville, she also notified me that it was correct that you would know by the end of this month if you were accepted, rejected or waitlisted. I also asked who we would be receiving this waitlisted email from or rejected email from and was told it would be coming from her director at the Graduate College and that he would dedicate one day to doing that and our self service account would also be updated. Good luck to all and I hope this helps alleviate any stress any of you all are feeling right now, I know I'm not the only one worried, just know there is a little bit of hope as Tanya said she received this email today from her director.
  10. No I know those people, about 10 are from class of 2018. The rest are from class of 2019. They do this every year.
  11. Just FYI some of those members are from the pa class of 2018, looks like about 10 of them aren't from class of 2019.
  12. @Samson's Mom let us know what they tell you. I called 2xs and the first time I was transferred to Lynn, then the second time I called back and they said my name lol, I'm pretty sure they know me already. I'm trying to stay hopeful. @Vanessa28 that sounds like the same gentleman I spoke with last week, wish I knew his name.
  13. So I called the Graduate College & The PA Program and I was told by both that they have already sent out emails to those who were accepted which was all 65 students. The Graduate Collge stated they don't have a list for those who were waitlisted or rejected only accepted. So I'm confused was it the PA Program who notified to those who were waitlisted? Because according to this forum people have said they received an email that they were waitlisted. I spoke to a woman named Lynn from the Graduate College and asked her if it's safe to assume that we were rejected and she said "yes & no" because they only know who was accepted and haven't received a rejected list and don't know anything about who was waitlisted.
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